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Newbie at Super8... Bolex sp8E questions

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  • Newbie at Super8... Bolex sp8E questions

    Soooo... Here I am jumping in and trying to preserve family memories that were recorded on Super8 film. My dad recently gave me many reels (larger reels that are made up of lots of the 3" reels spliced together) from my childhood. He did not provide me with a projector. He has one, but lives across the country, so I have no access to it.
    I tried converting them to digital at a local family history center, but their equipment was in poor repair (would only run slo-mo, and kept getting stuck).
    My son recently picked up a projector at an estate sale and gave it to me last night. It is a bolex sp8E. The box has a label that says, "demonstrator" so it may or may not be great. It also lacks a manual.
    I plugged it in and it runs, the lamp works. I can't for the life of me find an on/off switch. Since I can't find this one simple part (to turn it off without unplugging it), I'm afraid to try to feed the precious super8 film into it. Honestly, I don't see anything that shows where to change from 8mm to super8. That could spell disaster!
    Does anyone, by an off chance, have a digital copy of the manual? I've searched online (and on this site's manual page), and can't find it. Were there not many of this projector made? Should I ditch it and try to find something better?

    I want to digitize and share with my siblings. We loved watching the old "home movies" when we were kids. My cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents would come over and we would spend hours piled in our living room watching them. It would be great to share these memories once again.

    I'm sure I will have more questions as I continue with this adventure!
    Any assistance is appreciated!

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    I believe this is a Bolex in name only and was manufactured by Eumig around the Mk 710/810D so will not have an on/off switch just the main control lever. I don't think they were dual gauge and are Super 8 only, but I am not sure about that particular model.


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      This thread from the old version of this forum may help:;f=1;t=012531


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        I think this projector is the same as the eumig 810D except yours is super 8 only not standard 8, also the eumig does not have an on/off switch the motor just starts when it is plugged in, your bolex may be the same.


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          Brenda, I would suggest you to buy a super 8 commercial film (like a cartoon or a Charlie Chaplin), there are many on sale for little money, to test a projector you don't know. Better to ruin such a film that your valuable family souvenirs.


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            The Bolex SP8 is a Super 8 machine only and does not run standard 8 film. As already stated, there is no On/Off switch...once plugged in the machine starts pre-heating the lamp. To load a film you push down on the black lever just underneath the lens while inserting the film into the slot. Keep holding down on the black lever until the film exits near the takeup reel and then release it. Then the film should run smoothly from that point with no issues.

            This link here for a Eumig 810 machine will give you loading instructions:
            And be sure you read the part about setting the inching knob to the dot before extracting the film gates to clean them or you could break off a claw pin, which would ruin your machine!


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              Just to add to the great advice. The film On/Off is that rotating dial. Film does get chewed and being cool and just rotating that dial back to 12 o'clock to stop the film advance is good practice. I have a 710 and will do a video tonight with link. I'll also read up on the Bolex. Have fun.
              oh. I'd also organise Super8 and Regular8 to separate them. You can check the centre hole. If the Bolex is only Super8 then I doubt you could fit Regular8 on. Later.


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                Hello Brenda and greetings from the UK and us both here.

                If the black main control knob is not turning it could be the motor transport bolts are screwed down. These two vertical bolts/screws are either side of the drive motor in the back and they need to be released so the motor drive can operate.
                Remove the back cover (2 screws) and just check they are in screwed/up.

                Otherwise it could be a broken control knob. Pull it towards you to check for damage to the plastic.

                More likely the 2 black rubber drive discs inside the back cover need a clean.


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                  My Eumig 822 main control knob will not turn unless the on / off button on the rear of the machine is on as it operates a physical lock on the control knob.

                  If you force the control knob it strips the control knob spindle.

                  I dont know if that helps?



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                    Hello all.
                    hopefully these little videos may help as a guide.
                    As for searching for manuals online, ignor forums with posts saying they've found a link and just need credit card to verify you're not a robot. If you'd like a laugh. Look at the address bar and change for example bolex+manual to, well, I'll let you choose!
                    Anyway first video is the back cover removed, motor mounts and drive disk. Power supply and speaker.

                    Second video is buttons and connectors on the outside of the unit. I'm limited to 5 min video clips.

                    I'll post more later. Hope they help


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                      WOW! Thank you all! SO much great advice.

                      I downloaded the manual that was linked. I wasn't sure if I was reading the post in the old forum correctly until Ty responded.

                      Jason, I think you are correct about my machine. The box says Super8 with no reference to regular 8.

                      Dominique, I'm working on getting an expendable film to test the machine. Excellent suggestion! My husband (an engineer) made the same suggestion when I pulled it out of the box. I can't let my excitement get ahead of me...

                      Lee, I will check the transport bolts. I did see something about that on another post while searching for info. I will also look at the rubber drive discs and make sure they are clean.

                      Joseph, thanks for the great, detailed instructions! I will have to be very careful when cleaning the film gates. I will make sure I have the instructions with me so I don't make a fatal mistake.

                      Stuart, Thank you. I will try not to panic if film gets chewed. That sounds terrible. I only have Super8, mostly '60s into the '70s. My dad always seemed to have that camera when there was a special occasion. I look forward to seeing your youtube video.

                      I'm so excited to get this project going! I'm also afraid it will become an addiction! I recently digitized old still negatives that were my dad's, and have started working on my mum's. Hers were stuck together due to poor storage conditions, so I had to learn about photo processing chemicals, and how to safely separate them. That was addicting, and with my love of preserving memories, I think I may be in a lot of trouble with this projector! You all will have me turned into a pro in no time!

                      You gentlemen are awesome! Thank you again.


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                        These two videos are film gate and lamp. Both two handed operations. Film gate removal as mentioned, inching knob indicator to the 12 o'clock position and lens out using focus knob.
                        Lamp is held by a clip that's released from the top but has a leg below the lamp also. Lamps are notched for one way insertion.

                        Youtube has done a funny on me. Think I uploaded too many videos in one go.
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                          Here are some details which may interest you.
                          Bolex SP 8E – Spare Part Finder – Van Eck Video Services (