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New Super 8er here looking for help and suggestions and pointers

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  • New Super 8er here looking for help and suggestions and pointers

    Hi all hope its ok to post this here.

    I am super new to Super 8, I have historically filmed some and back in the day when living in the UK did the 10 pounds for the film and mail in service. Anyhow I recently I live in the US now and just got back into it and trying to take it a bit more seriously on a projection level, looking for any help as it gets a bit confusing with cost etc. I have a few items so breaking up the questions a little here, hope thats ok. Do let me knwo if its not.

    1. I have been give a Nizo S8T, it seems to not work properly and wondered if there was a place to get this repaired or looked at. Happy to send it off, its a wonderful looking camera. I know its not a top line one but for me I'm sure it;ll be perfect although its confusing to what film speeds it'll shoot. Anyhow any help with a contact to get it looked at.

    2. Projector. I want to project peridoically a feature film, was hoping to do so for neaer halloween for a few friends at home. I know nothing about projectors but I am looking for a budget machine that will have sound (or be connected to an external system for sound). That can take larger reels, super 8 and maybe also the original 8mm also if possible if not then Super 8 would be great. A machine thats reliable but doesn't cost an insane amount due to budget. Hpe that this is possible and maybe someone might know of a machine that would really do the job.

    3. With some films I have they would probably benefit from a tape leader being added. Where can I get these and how do I attach them. Maybe a place to purchase the materials needed and a lin to a video would be excellent. I'm just scared of messing up a precious reel.

    I just signed up here and then also subscribed to the reel image, anythign else I should be doing to aid my learning on all this?

    Its all exciting but nervy, I don't even know when I see terms like scope written down what that even means so forgive me if anythign comes across in some awful way.



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    Welcome and also greetings from the United Kingdom.

    1: Exceptional cameras the Nizo but they to suffer from failure of the power micro switches.
    Filmed many drama films with our film group back then and perfect results.

    2: Projectors. A very personal choice but Sankyo are a reliable introduction with sound also Eumig and others. The 810 or 820 are good for Super 8.

    3: You are fortunate in the US to have a great Super 8 supplier who will help you. Reel Image who's details are on this forum can supply all manner of things so have a look at the store.

    4: S8 camera film stock is usually Kodak 100D which delivers well saturated colour. B&W Tri X is a gorgeous film with a definition beyond what you would expect from 8mm. Wonderful film for mood pieces perhaps.

    Enjoy your film journey.....


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      The new Ektachrome 100D (7294) is a wonderful color reversal Super 8 stock! The colors, sharpness, and low grain are key attributes of this film. I've been it using since 2018. It's not cheap, but will give you the best Super 8 experience you can find at the moment. Projected this stuff is truly amazing. From my own experience, and many in the Super 8 community, this stock needs a bit more light (exposure) to look it's best on screen. Many of us have concluded this film, though rated as 100 ASA, seems to expose better between 64-80 ASA. We have concluded it's less sensitive to light. My usual exposure compensation is 1 stop more exposure. That has given me perfect exposure every time. Also a neutral density is a must in bright conditions, sunny to partly sunny skies. I have found a 4X ND filter which reduces the light by 2 f-stops seems to do the trick. It lowers the exposure resulting in sharper images. I purchase my film from the Film Photography Project. They have one of the lowest prices for Ektachrome, $42.99 a cart. After shooting I send the film to Dwayne's Photo for processing. It's about $12 dollars to process a roll of Super 8. Sure it adds up, but in the end you are shooting home movies on a format that will last many years if stored properly. Super 8 just has that quality that's hard to find in a digital format. The key is using a quality camera with good optics, and then projecting on a quality projector. If you plan to project I would advice looking for a machine with a minimum of 150 watt bulb. Anything less doesn't look as nice, or as bright on screen. I've been using a Honeywell Elmo FP8-C projector fitted with a Bolex "hifi" 1.3 prime lens. That lens alone makes all the difference. Anyways good luck to you. Here's a link to FPP's website for purchasing new film.


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        I can recommend a very interesting book which will put you on the right path to enjoy Super 8.
        I find my copy very helpful.
        The Super 8 Book Lenny Lipton Filmmaking Components Techniques Illustrated P/B 9780879320911 | eBay


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          I'm new too.
          2. Projectors. Try to buy in person to see it working. Buying online, ignor the discription and contact the seller. I'm a bit of a collector so I'll buy an object. You want a fully functional projector. So things like "worked last time" and even "perfect working order" are meaningless.
          Communicate with the seller before purchase.
          For Super8, the ugly plastic projectors are probably the best. Newer and have "all" the development of the past projectors built in. Sankyo seem a good option bearing in mind "the motor runs and the thingies turn" doesn't mean it works
          Yep, commuicate with seller or you may end up as a collector


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            Wow ok thanks os much everyone. So this has been awesome.

            Ok so I order super Ektachrome so excited to get that! I do need a new camera then as mine is out of action so will try and locate something that will work with this well.

            I am going to look for either a Sankyo or Eumig which is in good working order by checking and hopefully find one in person if possible. If anyone has one they are happy to part with then do let me know, same goes for a working camera that will do the trick.

            I am going to order this suggested book.

            I will let you know how it goes, thanks so much everyone!