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Kodak Moviedeck rewind issue

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  • Kodak Moviedeck rewind issue

    Hey all

    Ok so I have a lovely kodak moviedeck. I love the quirky side of it and use it for smaller reels. I noticed that the rewind doesn't really work, it just goes backwards the same speed as it plays and no faster. Is there somethign that can be done to fix that? Other than that it plays correctly.

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    Are you trying to rewind the film through the entire film path instead of letting it run through the machine and threading it on the outside to do a rewind? If so, that is a great way to scratch your film!

    I really don't know what your problem could be but the Kodak Moviedecks are not very good machines, although they look like a slide projector, which some people seem to actually like.

    All of the Kodak Moviedeck models are just a hunk of molded plastic with cheap stamped steel parts inside. Also the film path is practically impossible to keep clean. That means even more scratched films! And if you have one of the Movideck sound models, they have a sound amplifier about as powerful as a 1950's transistor radio...ironically, the vintage radio will actually sound better!

    True, it's a cute an ingenious design, but like all Kodak 8mm projectors from the mid 1970's and later, they are simply cheap junk!


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      Hey Joseph

      Yeah I thought it wasn;t particularly good, just thought the design was cool and with anything like this, try and keep them running. I certainly wouldn't run anything rare or particularly great through it.

      I will take your advice though and not rewind it through the machine haha.