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Sankyo 800 Corrosive Adhesive

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  • Sankyo 800 Corrosive Adhesive

    I recently discovered a seemingly common problem with Sankyo 800 projectors.
    Having purchased my sixth machine, I was pleased to discover that it was in great cosmetic condition. Unfortunately the amp appeared to be completely dead. Following a little investigation, with the help of a brilliant projector service engineer, the fault was traced to the glue used around the capacitors and diodes on the lower circuit board. As this board has conductive tracks on its upper surface, the glue gradually destroys these paths and ultimately renders the machine mute.
    I have just inspected another 800 and found a similar mess to the first.
    Cleaning with acetone removes the corrosive element and replacement of the adhesive covered capacitor is advised.
    I hope this is useful for other Sankyo 800 owners.
    Four more machines to check and replace the capacitors!
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    Thank you for the info.


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      A machine i have yet to get my hands on, still on the look out for a good one thats not overpriced as many seem to be.


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        All credit for this discovery belongs to a certain Mr Elmo. Without his help I would have ended up with nothing more than a film themed door stop! Thanks Kev!


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          Hi Stu hope all is good with you.
          Look back at the historical forum and you may well see a post from me about my what was then new Sankyo machine which was faulty out of the box. Back then they had a problem with the solder was which caused so may problems event then. A wonderful machine if you got a a good batch one but nightmare if you purchased a bad early batch.
          Sad as it was a great design but years later the problems seem to have erupted.