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    Steve C.,

    Now you've got me seeing the same thing!


    Thanks for featuring Geoff's projector. David Baker and Terry Bange first brought 35mm to Cinesea 17 and Geoff has continued on since then. I now can't imagine a show without it.

    And speaking of shows, CineSea 24 will take place on the weekend of April 22, 2022!


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      Yes indeed, Doug, you featured David and Terry's 35mm 3-D show (that unfortunately I missed.)

      With Thursday being the new 'theme night' for screenings, Friday would have the matinee feature and the night-time feature. Saturday would be the "pot-luck" nignt (bring and show.)
      Per usual, Doug sent out the possible titles and the voting list to us well in advance, and by vote, the Friday matinee chosen was the original "Night of the Living Dead" and the evening feature "War of the Worlds" (1953).

      One other tradition for many at CineSea is breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Cape May.
      Your Faithful Reporter was too lazy to get up and join in this time, but luckily, David B. and Co. brought the t-shirt as evidence...

      Things were shaping up. People were arriving leisurely. Once the carts started rolling in, the examination of films began. Tables had been limited at this show, due to Covid and distancing, but the ones there were rather full:

      Andy Panda says: 'Please stay tuned, there will be more..."

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        great photos!


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          Uncle Bill's, You Say????!!!!
          Click image for larger version  Name:	Uncle Bills 2021 Oct.jpg Views:	0 Size:	132.3 KB ID:	45402

          I'm a big fan of breakfast (-even beyond it being the most important meal of the day...), but I'll have to say this one is well up within my top ten of three hundred and sixty-five breakfasts per year, and that's not just because it's pancakes instead of the usual oatmeal!

          I enjoy getting together with these good people, and this is basically the first chance we get to sit and just plain talk after a six month gap!

          If you happen to be a newbie to CineSea, please rise and shine and go to this one: there are good things about this weekend that go on in broad daylight and this is big among them!
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            looks good Steve, ill get back over there one day and bring some films to sell


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              -please bring Graham with you!


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                Thanks Steve hopefully one day.

                One film I "would" bring along that the good folk at "Cinesea" won't have any choice over, but would "have" to watch, even if you and I have to tie them to there chairs, is this one .
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  The very first railroad (-errrr "railWAY") film I (or anybody) ever showed at CineSea was the Derann digest "A Train for Christmas" and it was very well received!


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                    I only have one railway film, the Pathe BIF The Engine Driver, but it is excellent both in subject matter and print quality, black and white on color stock. After 20 years it is still black and white with no shift to sepia.


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                      Steve, thanks for the additional "coverage" of Uncle Bill' thing is certain, you don't go to Wildwood to lose weight! Speaking of which, given the lovely weather, Morey's Piers, the "theme park on the pier", was open, and celebrating October Fest. This big happy fellow was welcoming everyone in. What crossed my mind was: "Imagine if Harryhausen had animated him...?"

                      Meanwhile, back at the Shalimar, Gary strikes up the band:

                      Our friend, video producer Peter Flynn, was busy gathering footage for his upcoming (but delayed by Covid) documentary about film collecting:

                      ...another recurring feature is the Doug Meltzer Travelling Media Museum, to be found on his table each show. It incorporates rare and unusual devices from the corners of filmdom. Witness this one...

                      ...complete with original packaging:

                      ...and this frame-copying device:

                      Also, from back when Sears marketed 8mm, this dual-format silent machine (Who made those for Sears?):

                      If you have followed our CineSea reports, you know Doug's GS-1200 Xenon. However, it has now had an HID-lamp conversion for cooler-running, high-output light. Doug can add more details as to the procedure and such.

                      It never fails: put up a portable screen, roll a film, and people will pull up a chair and just start watching. Doesn't hurt when it's from Blackhawk either:

                      Definitely more to come...



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                          Good to see you all wearing masks, not all of us did at the Chorleywood 9.5 event, though some did at the film shows.


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                            In the background of it all sat our first hangout, the Ocean Holiday, still waiting for its full restoration after being sold. The many wonderful shows we had there will not be forgotten. We're so fortunate to have found our new "home" right across the street from our old haunt:

                            Back at the show, there's always stuff to look at. Gary had plenty, and Danny stopped by:

                            (As an aside, I bought Danny's Eiki SSLs and lenses years ago; they're still my current non-xenon screeners)

                            Exciting news! Joe Vannicola showed up in his fancy T-shirt to let us know he had found a print of the film...😉

                            No other way of putting it: this man is SNIFFING GLUE! must be added that Mr. Lucidi did this strictly for scientific purposes, to test the smell and freshness and such. Doug's expression suggests otherwise...

                            Dr. Caruso had his usual lovely 8mm-focused table:

                            ...and if you think film is a niche hobby, try cylinders. This beautiful Edison box graced Joe's table.
                            (Imagine if someone could bring an Edison machine for the show...then we could run silent films with cylinder accompaniment...)

                            Some terrific Standard-8 titles on offer this time around:

                            ...along with the Super-8 digests:

                            As the ancient proverb says: "What gets un-spooled must be rewound", and there are two ways. The manual "this builds muscles" version, particularly in 35mm...

                            ...and the MUT version. This old Make-up Table looks scarred and mean, but it handles the reels beautifully:

                            We can provide a hundred horrors; if you really need more, you'll have to bring your own:

                            MORE TO COME...


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                              In an ideal world, I wouldn't need a full-time job and I could just post the picture report much more frequently...🤗
                              ...but anyway, on with the show:

                              We welcomed new friends at this show. Forum member Kevin Miller and Cindy Hinkson joined us:

                              Our youngest film buff, Anneliesa Lucidi, was ready with a helping hand:

                              Our machine line-up was familiar, every show a testament to the engineering of devices working decades after their intended lifespan (and the stubborn owners who keep them running):

                              When you go shopping for film, it's a bit like archeology; you never know what's hidden inside a can:

                              Time for the matinee, the feature print of "Night of the Living Dead". First we had a mix of trailers and a Talking Heads music video (guess which song):

                              "Living Dead" retains its creepy atmosphere, no matter how low budget and no matter how many imitators have come and gone:

                              Our Friday Night Feature was "War of the Worlds" (I believe it was a Marco print, according to the flyer we got.) It looked and sounded great:


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                                It's almost time again! CineSea 24 starts in a little over a month, on the weekend of April 22nd. Details can be found in the Upcoming Film Conventions & Events Thread. If you can, please join us!