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Movie reel cardboard box replacements.

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  • Movie reel cardboard box replacements.

    For anyone looking to replace their 7" movie reel cardboard boxes I found a great alternative! Because I am into reel to reel audio tapes, there is a website online that sells replacement cardboard reel boxes. The companies name is Splicit, and they are a small business out of Oregon. The people that run the company are very friendly and easy to work with. I recently replaced a few of my home movie reel boxes, and these audio reel boxes work great! At $2.95 a piece their hard to beat!
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    Sounds great, Shane
    I should just point out that these boxes will hold a 400ft 8mm/Super 8 spool.



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      WOW Shane! Great find! Thank you so much for post. This looks like a terrific resource.


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        Steve Osbourne at The Reel Image, also has white card boxes for 400' Super 8/8mm for sale. I have bought quite a few and they are of high quality. The ones I have are two piece with separate top and bottom which I like a bit better.

        Steve's price is even better than the resource Shane was kind enough to share. Per his website,
        the price is $2.25.....Steve will also have 1200' white boxes available very soon....


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          Thanks Greg for bringing this to our attention! It's good to have multiple resources. Steve's price IS much better. Any idea on shipping cost? I do like that the Spilcit site has e-commerce ordering process though. I've never ordered from Steve, but it looks like you have to phone or email your orders. I'm guessing turn-a-round time might be longer and not as convenient.


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            Hi Janice,
            If you haven't ordered from Steve you are in for a treat. Simply email your request (you can call and leave a message too but I have always emailed) to Steve and--for most items--ordered he will ship them to you right away with an invoice enclosed--prior to payment. Then you can mail a check to him after you receive your items, or if you wish, I believe he accepts PayPal as long as there is no fee to him. I have been buying things from Steve for several years this way and it is quick and easy and without any longer of a turnaround time.

            So it is 'e-commerce' but a bit more personal and 'old-school' which is nice. Anyone who has ever bought films or supplies from Steve can attest to what great service, low prices and nice products he provides, but beyond that he is simply a very good human being who does many other things to keep the Super 8 hobby moving forward. I hope others will 'chime' in here about their positive experiences with Steve Osborne and the Reel Image as it is always good to support those in the hobby.....


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              I second Greg's comments, however out of respect to Shane and his helpful post, please feel free continue Steve/Reel Image comments in the boxes for 1200' reels thread.



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                I've ordered from Steve in the past and he is great to deal with. Very prompt with good shipping. I however wasn't a fan of the reel boxes from his site. Nothing against him, but I'd much rather have reel boxes that flip up versus the open from one end design. Just a personal choice I guess. Either design is recommended though.
                And as other's have stated Steve, and his great products should be supported. He is a great asset to our hobby.


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                  The 10.5 Nab good for 600' reels? - Shorty


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                    Click image for larger version

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