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    Evening All ... kinda new to the hobby of 8mm Projectors and film ... but I have aquired about 40 films now and 9 different projectors.. in 6 months.

    I recently aquired a Chinon 4100 ... replaced belt and bulb .. a basic clean and once the film is all threaded it runs ok . But when I first thread I have to go slow ... thread .. off ... thread .. off ... thread... or it jams up. Looking for a manual for this machine, PDF or Paper anyone ?

    Happy Viewing

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    Hi David,


    Just a guess, but successful threading often involves trimming the end of the leader to the right shape. Often if it's not trimmed, it will hang up on some obstruction.

    Do you see anything that looks like a cutter mounted on the machine?

    Something else that can cause headaches even with the right trim is if the curl of the film is not quite tight enough and the leader end bumps into a guide instead of hitting the entrance. Very often bending the last inch of the leader slightly further into the direction of the curl will make up the difference.
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      Hi David... I have a PDF of the user manual. I'm not sure if it will have specific solutions to your problem, but PM me with your manual request and I'll send you a link to download the manual.