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Setting my Sankyo lxl 250 to an automatic always in focus setting?

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  • Setting my Sankyo lxl 250 to an automatic always in focus setting?

    Hi again and apologies for all my questions.

    I’ve recently learnt many super 8s have a setting where if you move everything so it’s aligned with a green dot it’s sort of always mostly in focus. Is there a way to do that on any super 8 camera, namely in this case my Sankyo lxl 250 that would be super handy.



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    I think in general that is setting any zoom lens at a widish angle (15mm or so) and the focus at 5-10 ft. Many simple cameras were non zoom and fixed focus at about that range. My first one (a Halina) was.


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      That's a great question! I use what I call the 10/10 setting. It simply means setting the zoom and focusing rings to 10 mm/10 FT. Here's a photo to show you how I set up my cameras. Everything will be in focus from about 4 FT to infinity. I like using this technique when filming. Makes shooting film easier when your trying to get action shots, etc.

      Click image for larger version

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        Wonderful. Thanks for all your help everyone. I’m waiting for my film to get processed at Dwayne's and hopefully it’ll be mostly in focus!