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Auto Feed on an Elmo GS 1200

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  • Auto Feed on an Elmo GS 1200

    They're quite complicated with little secrets the machine doesn't like to give away.

    At each step, I think I win, only to be thrown a curve ball!

    The Auto Feed is mechanical with several related but independent electrical dependencies.

    The mechanical side seems only to relate to the top loop. If the Green Track Button is not released from Auto Feed mode, the top loop will not form and the projected picture will judder.
    Under normal operation, there should be no projected picture as Auto Feed prevents full projection lamp power.
    In fault conditions, there could be a mix of electrical and mechanical issues.

    If you're seeing a projected image that you're unable to steady as the Auto Feed "button" hasn't released, then you've a combination of mechanical and electrical issues.

    Hopefully, nothing serious and really probably not serious. Just needing a tad of adjustment with the micro switches and a bit of contact spray.

    Sorry, it's a 10 minute video with no solution of fix. It shows the location of the front micro switch only. I think if you know stuff then this will point you in the right direction. I hope it actually shows proper expected function and the reasons behind the faults.

    Auto Feed has some seemingly unrelated symptoms - Loop/Jumpy Picture - Sound - Dim Lamp

    Worth checking out.

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    The rear micro switch is awkward to adjust in situ. There are several pieces in the way and care or in my case, luck, should be applied. I prefer luck as it needs no preparations.
    The large gear has a key pin in the shaft thats lose. Also all the little screws. Pack the area well with rag not to lose anything.
    Luckily and unbeknownst to me, the key pin stuck to the "thingy" gear.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	20211105_193330~3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	101.0 KB ID:	46234 The Key Pin is circled in green tip of screwdriver. The red circle is the micro switch.

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      Stu If you are having a problem with the auto thread not releasing, change the micro switch out behind the green film guide exit. Usually cures it.
      Hope it helps.


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        Hi Lee. I'm hoping the micro switch is OK. But unfortunately I've managed to teleport an E Clip into an alternate universe whilst trying to locate it back in position. Fingers crossed it's not a short waiting to happen. I've ordered a replacement set of clips off Amazon which should arrive tomorrow.
        Little set backs like this give me more thinking time. I've got the Service Manual which looks original. I'll have a browse through that.


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          I have never had the lamp come on when threading the projector, that's a new one. I do have a confession to make, regarding the auto threading. I could not be bothered fixing the sticking threading, so took the back cover of the projector and wrapped a electrical tie- wrap around the solenoid holding the release in ". What it means, is all I do, is to press the threading button down until the film has past the bottom sprocket, then let it go. The projector will continue to run the film through until I press the "stop" button, I then take up the slack on the take up reel, press "fwd", then switch the lamp to "on" only when I am ready. I must admit its a lazy way of fixing the sticking threading release that I was having a few years ago, but am happy with the outcome. I did the tie-wrap thing to both GS1200, It only took a few minutes to do it, problem solved, was my thoughts at the time, just the need to hold it down until the film threading gets past that bottom sprocket, everything else works fine .

          Your video by the way is a great way to visually describe the problems you are having, hope it all works out. The GS1200 can certainly be very temperamental.


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            If I read this, I remember a very importand Information i will tell you all GS 1200 Users.
            The little Micro swich wich is threaded by the Roller for giving the auto feed Button free must be adjusted very well. The Film comes very tight to the green Film Slot where the Film comes out to the take up Reel. It is the gelatine Side of the Film which can be scrached when comes in Contact to this green Slot. In most of all GS 1200 I have seen this was incorect adjusted. You will see the Scratches when you show the Film for the second time and than it is damaged for ever.


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              Amazon delivered the E Clip set and now all back together and functioning correctly. However, haven't tested with film and wouldn't know if micro switches are set within spec. The previous owner did manually load film and did mention scratches. Not sure where the scratches would come from though. The only piece removed was the lower green track with the arrow, the enterance track. With that removed, film can be manually loaded to the takeup spool.
              This is a long term project so will be a case of learn as I go. From what I've seen though, the GS isn't a projector I'd recomend. Interestingly, those of you that know the subject don't seem to mind what projector they have. It's probably their first or highly desired one that they cherish. But with their knowledge have improved it's performance. Made it their own. It's really no longer a brand and model, it's a custom unit that projects their most treasured films. That machine may even be a GS. I knew the GS wasn't actually the unit for me from the get go. I previously had the 800 briefly and thought - too complicated. The 1200 more so but it's mine now and I can see it growing on me. I'll test for scratching though so thanks for the heads up.

              Last edited by Stuart Budd; November 06, 2021, 10:38 AM.


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                Not being used to this unit, I didn't think much about the Pilot Lamp by the Forward/Play button. On mine it's got a loose connection.


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                  Hi Stuart!
                  This is easy to fix. This green LED is soldered on the Key Pad´s Board. So you have to disconect the brown Soundhead Conector first. Then unscrew the little conector Board with two Screws. Behind this Board there is on Screw you have to get out. On the other Side of the Key Pad there is the same Screw. After get this out too you can pull the complete Key Pad out of the Machine and solder the two joints of the green LED. After assembling everything back i think it will be working fine. Sorry for my bad german School English.


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                    You are doing really well Stu.
                    If you need the micro switches CPC have them in stock just pence. After my first one went I kept to a plan if one goes I changed them all and no problems since.
                    Enjoying watching you progress very much.


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                      Hi Thomas, thanks for the method to fix the lamp. By the way, your German school English is better than my English school English!
                      Thanks Lee. Slowly but Shirley


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                        Stick with it Stuart, the GS1200 is a great projector when fully funtional