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    Reading on the other topic about digests, reminded me of this one, always one of my favorite films. The Super8 print sadly is now fading, is saying that do you have a favorite ?

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    1x400ft. Star Wars part 2 scope. 2x400ft Empire Strikes Back.


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      Needless to say none from Columbia. Although I did have Jolson Story until I got feature.

      Best Fox releases The Desert Fox , French Connection I and II , Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Bandolero , Von Ryan’s Express, Jesse James & The Omen.

      Universal all the Monster Horrors, Psycho, The Birds, Frenzy and Duel.

      Ken /MGM Wizard of Oz and Easter Parade

      Derann Key Largo

      Marketing Raiders of Lost Ark

      African Queen

      All good digests and when I had them all had colour.


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        Interesting intro Graham, reminds me of Fight Club. Perhaps I shouldn't really talk about it though
        Don't have many digest and still haven't seen Family Plot. Of the ones I have seen, the single reel 400ft Smokey & the Bandit seems the best. Actually, The Sound of Music. The worst is The Sting. That film doesn't compress well.
        Bugsy Malone, 400 is good but does emphasize story, or lose of story. That is, the story between Bugsy and Blousy is completely missed. That does kinda indicate how directors can loose their minds when their vision is messed with by those paying the bills. Sometimes I don't see the issue in cutting 5mins of a movie, especially if I haven't seen what's missing.
        Interestingly, most new movies seem to have their entire plot condensed in YouTube trailers.
        Westworld is ok too.
        Annoyingly I've just purchased some more cine. So have some more to look forward to.
        Odd hobby


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          Some digests I collect and like a lot, but I don't watch them all the time. My main passion is finding good color copies of the Cineavision Animex digests. I have acquired about half of them, but the other half were printed on quick fade Eastman, so it may be impossible to find good color copies of those.


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            Pity about the fading but this one was a good edit


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              Maybe it is just me but I couldn’t watch and enjoy pink, faded or scratched prints. I know a lot of trusted dealers knew I would return them in an instant.


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                An excellent Scope digest bought from Derann many many moons ago
                Click image for larger version

Name:	P1140491.JPG
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Size:	126.2 KB
ID:	46738
                Click image for larger version

Name:	P1160285.JPG
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ID:	46739
                Click image for larger version

Name:	P1160292.JPG
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Name:	P1160316.JPG
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                  Great topic Graham! 🙂

                  For me, I am as fond of screening digests as well as full features as I like the variety which can also mean that I am always able to put together a Film-Show even if I haven't got the time to view a long feature.

                  I particularly like to put together 4-6 400' digests of the same genre whether it be comedies, musicals, westerns etc. Earlier in the year (before the late summer daylight curtailed my screenings) I had a 'disaster-show' featuring: Airport; Airport '75; and Jaws 🙂



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                    That's a cool idea, especially when there is a whole series of films, released on super 8!


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                      A few week ago I cleaned and lubed this early Walton release. I have to admit I have never watched the actual feature, but this single 400 footer was fun to watch the other night. Both the B/W print and sound are still very good, for train fans, its a must.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	P1200921.JPG
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Size:	185.5 KB
ID:	46842


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                        Agree with the above sentiments. I like digests and will often watch a few together,rather than a feature.
                        Add a couple of T &J"s and maybe a newsreel, a great programme.


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                          Graham The race sequence was filmed at Brooklands Track over here all 2.75 miles of it on the concrete circuit. If memory serves me right we walked part of it a few years ago as its now part of the museum.

                          Talking about Bugsy Stu I went back to Pinewood Studios by my goodness it has grown over the years. Nice also to see the Bond Studio.

                          Mentioned elsewhere but my 400ft of Wiz of Oz was reasonably pink but the HID lamp bends the colour somewhat to this
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ozz1 - Copy.jpg
Views:	163
Size:	76.6 KB
ID:	46855

                          We were particularly knocked over by the opening B&W sequence which does look lovely and with the Stereo sound track recorded it makes quite a view on the Elmo.


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                            Where Eagles Dare 3/400ft would be also be at the top of my lists of a good edit
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	P1210683.JPG Views:	0 Size:	150.4 KB ID:	47098


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                              Further on this subject.....

                              In my collection I have a lot of the following that I have deliberately collected so as to put together on say 600' or 800' reels (when I eventually find the time!) in order to show on their own or before and edited feature of say 3/4x400':

                              T&J/Cartoons Movietone/Pathe Newsreels
                              L&H or Flash Gordon Episodes