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Super 8 Terminator Full length Feature with Japanese subtitles?

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  • Super 8 Terminator Full length Feature with Japanese subtitles?

    Now this is an interesting one.
    So who printed this one up? Listed as a "rare Japanese television version and has splices were ads originally were.". Does this mean in the 80's Japanese stations were showing Super 8mm films for broadcast? So many questions..!

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    It cold mean that it was illegally duped from a larger format TV print but to save damage being detected the adverts were printed than taken out by a subsequent owner.


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      TV print ie cut edited version, Japanese subtitles, loads of splices , variable colour plus fade and must reek of intense nicotine cigarette smell from Marlboro Man that it’s been mentioned Bet it is not even a sharp print What’s not to like!!

      Some idiot 🤪has bid $900 on this piece of crap. A fool and his money are easily parted.


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        Maybe he didn’t read the full description. It says honestly everything.


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          There was a full-length Aliens print a little while back with Japanese subtitles, screenshots while not always the best representation of what you actually see on-screen had a heavy blue tint. I wonder if that print and this Terminator print come from the same source