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  • So bad you can't sell!

    OK! To expand the fun even further, did you ever have a print that was so bad, that in all good conscience, you couldn't even sell it to anyone else, and just "bin" it? My pick? A Columbia Films "Close Encounters" 400 ft digest that truly was so red, I couldn't detect any color ... Period! It went in the bin! I mean, have you had prints that were so embarrassingly bad, that you knew the print would just come to you, or would just damage your reputation of you attempted to sell it?

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    Two of my earliest purchases from Perry’s the 1901 Funeral of Queen Victoria made when Ian O Reilly was a little lad. You know they are people but no matter how hard to try to focus it always remain soft. The other film is again a Perry’s film travelogue on Santorini. It made a gorgeous island pretty boring those poor donkeys carrying the tourists must be exhausted by now. It got scratched early on so I always used it as the testing canary down the mineshaft when checking out projectors.


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      I wouldn't like to mention them but I wouldn't bin them but use them as either recording tests or leaders or both. Selling is a last resort. Usually it's postage and fees that the buyers spends before I get any money for the effort of listing and posting. I certainly wouldn't want the hassle of selling a bad print. Not wishing to sound negative but most prints on eBay land do seem past their prime. Black and White may fair batter.