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Help with replacing the bands on a Elmo ST-1200HD

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  • Help with replacing the bands on a Elmo ST-1200HD

    Hey all

    ok so I bought a cosmetically wonderful Elmo ST-1200HD which i knew would need full band replacement. Anyhow it all seems great other than the bands so wanted to ask if anyone had a guide to replace the bands on it and also which kit is the best to use and where to get it from. I see numerous on eBay but the number of bands differs so I guess I should do all of them but any help much appreciated. I also would like to get hold of a 400, 800 and 1200 blank reels (super 8) to use on this. Any ideas for help with this much appreciated. I fix Walkman’s now and again so not super worried about changing the bands but how it should go in would be super helpful. Any videos or diagrams would be great. I’m hoping this isn’t the worst thing in the world to change.

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    Hi Scott,

    The difference in the number of belts in these sets is because you have choices: you can just replace the long belt and the motor belt, or you can go for it and replace the belt for the footage counter and the rubber lining around the shutter wheel too.

    The absolute musts are the motor belt and the long belt. If the motor belt breaks the transport will stop with the lamp lit and you can incinerate the frame that's in the gate at the time. If the long belt breaks your take-up reel will stop and you can wind up with a couple of hundred feet of film on the floor!

    The motor belt can be a little bit awkward, but you can replace it without removing anything but the old belt.

    The long belt, you need to disassemble the gear driving the rear reel arm to access the pulley. It has to go back together just right to allow the take-up wheel to freewheel during rewind. There are these two facing surfaces with prongs that lock when the belt is driving the reel during projection, but unlock to allow the reel to spin freely during rewinding. There is also a copper colored fork that leans on this assembly to provide a little drag.

    (It pays to study all this before taking it apart...)

    I didn't change the counter belt. (-because I don't care!)

    I did re-line the shutter wheel:;f=1;t=010066

    ST-1200 service manuals are available as free downloads in a number of places on the 'net. Maybe you can try one of the more reputable looking ones (one that doesn't tell you your computer has downloaded a virus!) and find the official belt change procedure.

    PS: I get my Elmo Belts from isellprojectorbelts on E-Bay. He's never done me wrong!
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      That tiny film counter belt is the most difficult one to replace on the HD model. Not so hard with the ST1200D. Yes, as Steve K. mentioned, Mark "isellprojectorbelts" is the best source for new belts.


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        Here is the seller Steve recommends:-
        Elmo ST-1200HD,St-1200 HD Projector Belts, 4 Belt Set. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING | eBay


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          Ah thanks everyone, this is most useful. I think I’ll skip the counter belt and stick with the other replacements. I’m going to try and find a good guide on how to carry out the replacements also.

          thanks so much everyone!