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Oh Dear! An Elmo ST-1200HD M&O

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  • Oh Dear! An Elmo ST-1200HD M&O

    Seems I'm attracted to hardware. Just today received an Elmo Sound ST-1200HD M & O and have to say, it's better than my GS-1200. Why? It's got rollers for the lower film tensioners! That's it really. The GS has features I just haven't a clue how to use (yet) but as a "Projector", the ST has to trump the GS hands down.

    It's smaller, lighter. In this form has two track play back and from what I can gather, Stereo! Via monitor output. I think that's correct. It only has Mono speaker and Mono Speaker output.

    If I were to recommend a projector between the GS-1200 and the ST-1200, I would have to say which version and have you seen them working?!

    I'm never (ideal world) getting rid of my GS but between the two, the ST is just, that. STupendous. But only as the twin or two track model and for added bonus, Optical. It also works.

    The video is just a novice walk around. The usual points of interest and confusion are on display.

    Voltage, Frequency, Auto Load. Auto Load requires power. It's a solenoid solution like the GS. There is an exit micro switch. It acts with the extension but I think needs the manual button if the extension is parked. Power is required for Auto Feed release to function. In the video I get confused by the initial release when unpowered (capacitor), only to figure it out off camera.

    I'll read the manual soon

    Auto Load:

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    Yes Stuart you are right. I have three ST1200 too.
    But Why I prefere the GS 1200, he can be better modified to higher Light output and bigger Film Reels, and he has the ESS Puls sync electronic on Board. For playing full length Features without any Break in Dolby Stereo from a puls synced DVD the GS is the better Opinion.


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      Thanks Thomas.

      I'll have to look into that Pulse Sync system. Seems complicated but if it means I can have several audio tracks for multiple prints and the system can sync sound on the fly with the visuals. It may negate the need to strip film.

      From a purchase point of view and so that if I sell my GS (not going to) the prices should reflect their worth. What I mean by that, is, I may outbid a person who has knowledge and a use for a GS as well as knowing the tru costs of ownership. So, as, I think Osi has mentioned, new to the scene bumping up prices though misunderstanding instead of actual intent of use. Or just being put off by a single track machine.
      Having said that, the GS can be rollered on the exit shoe and has all those features.

      Hobbies are what they are and I do like to tinker.