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A Slightly Dirty Agfa LS2

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  • A Slightly Dirty Agfa LS2

    The new year is approaching and my collection of projectors is comming to a close. I'll admit I'll be missing some good ones but a line must be drawn. The Agfa LS2 is where such a line is drawn. I'm an ower of 3, weather all 3 will turn up we'll wait and see but I have this one.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211215_133633.jpg
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Name:	20211215_133633.jpg
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ID:	49529 Spares or repair and at a good price of around £15 delivered.

    But what a state. Could I ever run a film through it? Could I ever pass it on?

    We'll have to see. No is my first thought to both questions. As a 3D used manual, it's not bad. Not keen on the flat belt and 18/24 speed changer. But having a fondness for the Agfa Family, the LS2 had to be got.

    Super 8 sound from both tracks. Worth a look see.

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    A quick update on my LS2 collection. All three arrived safely. The photo top post is of a none worker. The other two are working! One was discribed as open box never used. The other tested and working with a 24/18 speed selection issue.

    Inside back were pieces of film around 100mm long where the film had been chopped by the shutter. There was also a crucial piece missing, luckily the parts machine had.

    With projectors all made now and what we have is what there is, I can't recommend these units. Seems grandiose of me to do so but I'll make these observations.

    1. Film path doesn't guide film continuously. And no motorised feed prior to claw.

    I mentioned the pieces of film inside. After the gate there is a gap. Like it or not, film does exit the path at this point and wraps up beyond the lamp and into the shutter or folds prior to the audio track area. There may be a fault or this is an issue!

    2. Belt and speed selection. The belt is flat and not easy to change. I found the only option was to remove the shutter/claw shaft bearing stays on order to angle the shaft to free space and have free exit of the belt. This meant removing power supply and motor and fan.

    The belt is used as a gear select being forced via a tong from one pully to the next. Only a small step. However, the motor pully is knerrled for grip. It looks slightly painful to change speed and if the belt slips it's also sanded!

    New, they may have been fine and possibly a new belt would be a fix. I didn't find a YouTube video of changing the belt.

    There is an electrical device in the feed opening. Not sure on it's use or function. It must detect film but why?

    Lastly, not having a manual. Knowing the functions and order of operation is hit and miss. So I do have some blame in my review of this projector.

    Agfa are great. These projectors not so.

    I wouldn't mind some user advice or feedback on these as I have been harsh.

    Anyway, they'll be with me for some time to come so maybe they'll grow on me.


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      A-ha! So I hate the Agfa. That's a shame as I love my Bauer 430T. That's brilliant. Based on a Silma apparently . Wait a minute. Those bits in my Agfa look awfully familiar. Yep, practically the same.

      Changed my mind, love the Agfa LS2. Always wanted one so what's up? Now I have my first encounter with HARD GREASE! That's not shouting, it's really hard.

      The pinch roller just after the gate is fast and too far to the right. All the parts that pivot from the audio frame enterance are solid. Tried a few things including localized heat but not helping.

      Both the parts machine and my Bauer indicated the problem.

      Will need to use parts machine to figure a fix!

      Happier today. But do look out for hard grease "seizing" moving parts. That pinch roller being stiff to move also hinders the main selector dial. So one part on the other side of the machine affecting another. Once freed should be fine. An other holiday job