Hi All,

I have a BLUE coloured SC10 Hokushin which differs greatly from the earlier model PINK Hokushins which only had a simple Tone control. This one has Bass & Treble controls and the Treble has ceased to function.
Have emailed Van Eck to see if they might have a suitable circuit and am waiting for a response but hopefully a member here might have a copy of the amp circuit or maybe know where else I might find an amp circuit.
This Blue model came out towards the end of the Hokushin projector manufacture and looks the same as the Pink one with the same Circa-Load threading system but has the added Bass & Treble controls as well as an Economy/Bright lamp switch mounted under the lamp house.

The mechanism inside is identical and is a VERY reliable machine with a bright and steady screen image...slightly better than the B&H TQ III series which I am sure is due to the shutter being cut away in the centre.
Loading is a dream and because of its totally open design unthreading (if you ever need to do it that is) is easily done.