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Cinesun Florida 2020 please respond

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  • Cinesun Florida 2020 please respond

    I will soon begin the work to arrange July gathering.

    It will be a BIG help to see a reply of those who would be "willing" to commit.

    That way I can get room rates and such to get it going.

    Looking at mid-July for the event. A Friday Saturday Sunday basically as we do in Wildwood.

    This is the West Coast of Florida about 1 hour north of St. Pete. About 1.5 hour West of Orlando.

    For those flying in - Tampa or Orlando airports, etc.

    Please respond HERE and based on that I will decide what happens next..............

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    I'm booked at the Western New York Film Expo, up Buffalo-way - Shorty


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      Joe is that the same month what are the dates because if you could make it right now I can select dates to book it and many thanks for your reply the 1st one!


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        Chip came to CineSea 20 last October and told us that he would like to hold a similar type event in Florida. His announcement received an enthusiastic response. He also mentioned it on the old Forum site.

        If the dates work out, I'll be there!



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          I can do it depending on the weekend!


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            I will do my best to make it. Looking forward to seeing Chip's set up.