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  • Rare super 8 trailers

    Just wondering if anyone has any rare Super 8 trailers.

    I have a few I don’t recall seeing anywhere else;

    Kelly’s Heroes coupled with The Raven in Scope
    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 1972 in Scope
    Point Blank in Scope
    Lawrence of Arabia in Scope
    Waterworld Flat
    Paper Moon Flat
    OHMSS Flat
    Diamonds are Forever Flat
    Live and Let Die Flat
    Man with the Golden Gun Flat
    the Spy who Loved Me Flat

    It would be great to hear of any especially rare titles

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    Is that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland the version with Fiona Fullerton, Dudley Moore etc, if so it was a Derann release. I have it too.


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      That is correct Brian. The bond trailers I acquired new about 1980. Apparently they were released by Hollywood Films?


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        Kelly's Heroes we have which is a bit ancient now but memorable also Point Blank.


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          I remember an adult film version of Alice in Wonderland from the 70's. Certainly, some rare trailers there, Phil!


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            I got a trailer for TITANIC from 1953, a bit on the soft side


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              I have a lot of trailers, but I would have no idea as to which ones are rare. I do have a 200ft reel of color John Wayne trailers, color is pink. Funny, three out of four are Wayne trailers, and I think the fourth and last one is a 1950's Lone Ranger feature film trailer. I am betting that there are quite a few of the Niles films 200ft trailer reels are pretty rare. One that I know for a fact is rare is "The Way We Were", as it is an optical sound super 8 trailer.


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                I assume the Dragonslayer/Night Crossing reel I mentioned a couple of years ago is a rare one.

                After checking I have the OHMSS Flat, Diamonds are Forever Flat, and several other Bond trailers Casino Royal (Peter Sellers, David Niven), Dr no, From Russia with Love, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice. on a reel I bought from Perry's at a Big Screen Scene Revival.