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  • VU meters, Eumig

    Is it possible to replace the VU meters on these higher end Eumigs? 926 in particular?

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    I don't see why you couldn't replace it as those VU meters all work on the same principle. But finding an exact replacement may be difficult although some may have this model as a parts machine.

    Did you test it with an ohm meter out of circuit to check for continuity in the coil? Sometimes they can be repaired if found open as often there is just a bad solder connection or a break in the very fine wire. But the plastic cases are usually welded shut and you would have to carefully break that weld to gain access to the inside of the VU meter...but sometimes they're only taped instead of welded, if you're lucky.


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      Osi Its quite a job getting the amp board out from underneath to work on but in theory you could change the style of meter if you wanted to.

      If removing the amp also replace the two power transistors as I've had a couple fail with age so worth doing at the same time.


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        Hello Osi,

        I've had a few of those over the years. I assume you mean the ones on the 938 and 926 series. These only work in record mode and not in playback which I found annoying. I found they did get stuck from time to time. Usually playing with the level control or switching the unit between record and playback a few times usually jars the needle inside loose. Also I'm curious if it's both channels gone or just left or right? I doubt both sides would go at the exact same time unless it has to do with a storage environment issue. Good luck.