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I have a Problem Patsy. I do need Fruit !!!

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  • I have a Problem Patsy. I do need Fruit !!!

    Hi I suffer from a really serious problem, and yes fruit might help !!!

    Its that I really enjoy watching Super 8 or 16mm on video, online etc.

    Particualrly super 8 Digests and they are thing unto themselves, and even make some so so films better !!!

    But its hard to get decent copies to watch.

    Many on Youtube are quite so so done themselves.

    I was wondering if we could do a sticky thread at least or section for some of us to do really good transfers of these great
    Digests. ?

    Some of us especially with good colour copies while they still are, if you will.

    On the one hand to be able to " Daftly " really enjoy them.

    But also so they are there and kept and even shared/appreciated etc.

    Also good as a template if you want to do a digital redo too.

    Maybe Lee could set us off if we did it, as hes good on that sort of thing ?

    There are many 400 feet and 600 odd feet digests I love we all like.

    But any one got a decent colour 400 of Guns for San Sebastian they could do anywhere ? please.

    Any thoughts etc.

    Best mark.

    PS name that film referenced in the title post too ?

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    I remember a fellow in " Time Bandits", having a problem, and needing fruit! I think it's a great idea. Start with listing the good digests or clips first!


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      I watched a Blackhawk print I've been looking for for years on YouTube the other day.

      -it was pretty disappointing.

      Well, that's one off the lists!


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        Great idea Mark. I've often looked on YouTube to check out the odd digest that I yearned for back in the day. I've used YouTube downloader for some rare public domain features that I wanted copies of and I've been meaning to do the same with the many digests that are on there. As ever, finding time to get on with it is always the problem, even though I'm retired!


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          Problem is after putting things on you-tube is that it can sometimes be removed because of copyright, a lot of the times your video upload will come with a "copyright claim" but still be ok to show it. Depending on the copyright holder though, sometimes your video will get blocked/be restricted, especially if it contains certain music in a film, that in itself is again copyright material.

          Its certainly worth the effort, but don't be surprised if certain conditions are put on, or you have to edit it down. Only time I don't have a "copyright claim" is when I do my "own videos" plus I sometimes use there extensive "copyright free" music library, providing you name the artist and title.

          You-tube like Facebook really don't miss much these days....


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            Daily Motion may be a better bet then.

            Can we do an archive from here ? possibly.

            Best Mark.