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Odd Sankyo 301 problem

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  • Odd Sankyo 301 problem

    I know some projectors are slow when starting(especially in the cold) but my Sankyo 301 has recently a rather odd speed problem.

    When starting it is on-speed but after a minute, or just less, it slows down to a crawl, not just the mechanisim due to a belt slipping, but the motor as well. Speed can be increased by turning the take-up spool by hand. After slightly more than another minute speed picks up again and it is OK for the rest of the session ie second reel - no problem.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

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    Just some thoughts from an unexperienced user. I don't have a 301.

    Take up spool! I was thinking the film prior to the take up spool is where the load is but with you saying, speed increase with take up spool being helped. I'd test a few times without aiding spool to see if speed still slows. Then with a test film allow film to drop into a box (bypass take up spool).

    If things are ok. Then it'll be the take up are spool holder and whatever links those to the motor.

    Mentioning it's a recent occurrence means it's not so much a storage harden grease issue, but may need a clean still.

    Just some guesses.


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      I'm beginning to think this could be a flywheel problem as last night I projected 4 50ft silent home movies without any problem, not moving the control to the "sound position I don't think the pressure roller to it was brought into use.