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I may have found someone to re-rubber the Eumig rubber discs

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    Originally posted by Joseph Banfield View Post
    Shane, I certainly wish you much success with the drive discs. And I will be watching this thread carefully for further updates. As you say, this could be a game changer for us Eumig fans!
    Thanks Joseph! I'm certainly hoping that Terry can successfully re-rubber these discs. I am confident he can do so without too many issues.


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      So I successfully removed the rubber discs from the Eumig Mark M Super 8 parts machine. Thanks to Erik, and Joseph for their expert advice! These guys have had to put up with me asking lots of questions LOL. Anyways it was pretty straight forward, with everything sliding off or unscrewing. The biggest challenge was sliding the axle rod from the discs themselves. A light tap from a hammer and small screwdriver helped. The biggest hurdle has been trying to figure how to separate the discs themselves. I have tried twisting, and turning with no success. I emailed Terry and he said to send them in the way they are, he'll see if it's doable. The biggest reason I wanted to separate the discs was to make it easier for Terry to re-rubber them with a flat surface. Anyways here's some photos showing my disassembly. The first photo shows the axle rod dissembled from the discs.

      Click image for larger version

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