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Bell and Howell MX33 Reverse Problem

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  • Bell and Howell MX33 Reverse Problem

    I just salvaged an old Bell and Howell MX33 projector from my basement, and discovered that the take-up reel did not work. I opened the projector up, and found that the drive wheel cone tires had disintegrated. I know how to replace the cones and where to get them. My problem is that, when I run the projector in reverse, the source reel does not spin. Will that problem be fixed when I replace the cones, or is there possibly a second problem to fix? I’m reluctant to pursue the take-up reel fix if there is yet another problem to fix. Thanks!

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    Could the drive belt be bad or loose from age? Refer to this post for a fix.



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      The drive belt is intact and is turning the main shaft. However, it was slipping at first until I turned the shaft a few times to loosen things up. I did look at the post you suggested. Thanks!


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        As I continue to diagnose my B&H projector problem, I'm thinking that having access to an instruction manual might be helpful since I no longer have the original documentation. Can anyone help me find a copy online for the B&H MX33 projector? I've already searched here to no avail: