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Question about fuses in Rollei P8 SN

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  • Question about fuses in Rollei P8 SN

    Hi everyone, i have a Rollei P8 SN (made by Bauer) with no fuses. the customer brought it in telling me the fuses were gone and he couldn't get them out. the old fuses are placed in a tube and after years the endcaps come loose of the glass part en got stuck. so he tried to put some epoxy on a stick and get the debris out with not really good results. i have managed to get it all out but i dont know the rating of the fuses

    anyway he wants it repaired but i cant find how may amps the fuses need to be. does anyone here know more?

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    There's a T4 on eBay with a base plate 115v 60Hz 2A. It's a USA model.

    Not sure if any help though!


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      Yes that 2A might be the clue, it isn't on the rollei label. i have put in 1,6 A fuses and they hold so i'll think it should be fine