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  • New releases : continue or cancel?

    Recently, we have been reading through all the threads on here, and also on other forums and websites, regarding recent new releases. We would like to think the number of recent releases or at least, announcements of forthcoming releases on super 8 are at a rate that hasn't been seen in years, we would like to think that we have tried our best in our way to help collectors get titles they didn't think they could. I know I like them, and I know others do to. The first release met with great enthusiasm.

    This is a very unique hobby and as you all know, it isn't cheap. We know the titles released aren't for everyone, but then that will always be the case no matter what is put out. Recently, I appeared to have inadvertently caused a bit of upset when someone took what was said out of context on a thread about the new JP theatrical release, it was nothing more than a bit of my dry humor taken the wrong way, however, I got a lot of crap for that. Forums and other websites are becoming places of less discussion, but more put downs or people taking offence at everything. Where are so many of the members gone that use to join in, I think we always enjoyed it more when there were other names popping in.

    Anyway, that's that, it is with sadness that at present time, we have heard that new titles will be on hold until the backlog of orders is fulfilled, and some more positive support is shown. Unfortunately, it relies on several different people in multiple countries to get things done, they are not always done the way they should be done as some of you know, with the vertical marks on a few prints. These were rejected and this added to the backlog as people had to wait for a replacement. (no one should get second rate prints), as well as this, some people have had a bit of a dig about the time taken to get prints, Alberto's machine required a new part, that was something no one could have seen coming, you should recall that it was always stated that new orders would take several months. No one can be expected to keep a stock of titles as sales can be a bit slow to say the least. This is despite the fact that well over 200 people said they would like to see new releases, yet only a fraction (10%) actually bought. A lot of investment has been put into these films as well as a lot of time, in the early days there was great feedback but recently all that is seen are knockbacks. It is the likes of a very few people who are trying their best to keep this hobby going, yet some out there seem to want to bring those few down. I'd like to know why that is, at the end of the day if a title isn't for you, that's fine. For now, it looks as though new titles will go on hold. However, those who want to see new releases, lets really see a show of support here and now otherwise, that'll be it.

    For those who are no longer collectors of super 8, why are you even here? Don't bother the good people in this hobby with your pointless put downs.
    And that also goes for the Facebook groups that supposedly are about this hobby.

    You can join us and build a NEW world of super 8mm treasures,
    or be reduced to obliteration in the old , red , faded scratched super 8mm world

    The decision rests with you.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Dave Baker
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    David-No one appreciates your efforts more than I do, as I have had releases in the past, but mostly trailer reels, or someone who has done super 8mm releases. To make a negative is very costly and to make that kind of sacrifice to bring something special to a very niche market is much appreciated. However, for me it is not that I do not want these releases I spend much of my extra money, what little there is, on 'my' film. Like you said there are some titles I won't be interested in but please keep your chin up and release what you feel will at least break even. If I were you I would have a survey on your proposed releases, then take into consideration that 10% or so to see what interest there is. Just a thought.


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      I think delaying because of a backlog is a good idea as with new titles it could cause a longer backlog.

      At the moment I am also a little confused as to the procedure for buying, perhaps that is also putting off people who have shown an interest.


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        Mr. Baker, I have bought almost every one of your digests and I intend to continue doing so every time you release one, you have my full support, please ignore those who do not value the enormous effort of making a digest and releasing the other titles , the digests are magnificent and very well edited.


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          I think what you're doing is great, so please don't give up. I've only been collecting Super 8 prints for a few years so am fairly new to this and it's very difficult to find new prints on Super 8. Is there any chance that you could print some complete features? I'm interested in the whole feature of Jaws and quite a few others, so I would definitely buy them.


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            I agree that having new releases is good and amazing that digests are still being produced. That about that folks. Do you realize that digests are literally a realm only found in super 8? (Apart from those Disney 16mm "digests" that they released directly, of they're films). I agree that taking a survey of what people want to see is a good idea, but you yourself have said that you like to release films based upon your own likes, which is your own perrogative and understandable, and is why the care is taken with them. On a last note, all you have to do with the "bad press" you received in the recent past, is simply being a little more careful with your words or phrases, as nobody has anything against you, (as far as I know), but what you may not find insulting, others could find fault with. Keep them digests coming, and when I see another one I am interested in, you can be sure to get another good write up.


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              Originally posted by Brian Fretwell View Post
              .....At the moment I am also a little confused as to the procedure for buying, perhaps that is also putting off people who have shown an interest......
              I never had a problem, or any worry, when I ordered and paid for my copy of "Jurassic Park".


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                Yeah, just PM David ... Quite easy!


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                  David, as your long-term friend and film colleague, I hail you with great enthusiasm for your tireless efforts. You provide collectors with nice prints of nice films, it's wonderful. Many get enthused over the idea, yet lose steam after awhile, but no worries. If people want good service, good films from a good person, your reputation precedes you. I have several thoughts as to films I'd like, so will be in touch. Until then, keep well and in-touch...Cheers from yours truly, Shorty


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                    Originally posted by Maurice Leakey View Post

                    I never had a problem, or any worry, when I ordered and paid for my copy of "Jurassic Park".
                    Same for me, no problem, nor for Jurassic Park, nor for other titles.


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                        Keep the digests coming. Very pleased with JP, Godzilla, and the Beast. Looking forward to receiving my copies of JAWs and Dracula.


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                          David, I appreciate all the things You do for our beloved hobby. And this is why I opened a new thread. Maybe You could take a look…📽✨


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                            Hi to all.

                            I personally have never seen any negative comments about your new proposed releases on this site?

                            You certainly seem to produce some excellent titles.

                            Incidentally - I don't collect 8mm or 16mm anymore in the real sense but have made major contributions in the past in terms of collecting 8mm and 16mm (from 1975-2006) and was also a personal friend of Derek Simmonds and his son Adrian.

                            I don't think comments like this help much Dave:

                            "For those who are no longer collectors of super 8, why are you even here?"

                            These kind of comments really aren't constructive or friendly.

                            I do though appreciate the frustration you must face with these new releases - it's a really commendable effort. you make. 👍

                            Cheers to all


                            "Silvo-Magic"..."Sing while you Swing"



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                              Originally posted by Mark Silvester View Post

                              "For those who are no longer collectors of super 8, why are you even here?"


                              I believe Dave was refering to some repetitive negative comments about the hobby, not to members who are happy to share their experience even if they don't collect anymore themselves