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Dorun Films New 8mm releases registration thread

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  • Dorun Films New 8mm releases registration thread

    Well hello fellow 8mm film collectors. If you buy new Super 8 film prints for your collection you are in the right place!

    Here you will find details of forthcoming releases from this side of the pond and you can receive the latest news by registering your interest by registering with Dorun Films at: Include your full name and country so when the time comes you can receive content details and place orders.

    The latest film we will see is CHRISTMAS TRAILER REEL No3. It will be a pretty full reel with stereo sound, professionally designed colour artwork and a traditional card box supplied in a protective wrap upon delivery. To register your interest please read above.
    Prints will be produced on the latest film stocks will endeavour to produce some very nice collectable movies all done just for the love of our hobby.

    For now look forward to some interesting reels and keep those projectors turning.

    A teaser of whats to come in No3..

    Click image for larger version

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    Email sent.


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      Very strange. Nothing comes up on Google for Dorun Films. And it does sound like word play to DERANN. I also sent an email hoping for positive results.


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        I've also sent em an e-mail,it'll be interesting what comes back,i also couldn't find any info on Google and also thought that it was a play on Derann but here's hoping.


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          Just a collective thank you to everyone who emailed and a truly amazing amount of interest in new films which will be coming your way. For now thank you again and registering it is a good way to see a rough idea of who might buy new movies. We will forge ahead making the magic happen on beloved Super 8 Stereo.


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            I'm quite sure if Dorun Films offered one of the classic Mannering Railway films they would sell at least one! (-maybe more!)

            -the same goes for Mannering titles dealing with film collecting and Cinema in general!


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              Thanks Steve all on the cards in time.


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                I'm not a train film collector, but it does sound intriguing to hear, in stereo, a train going from left to right in the super 8 stereo spectrum!


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                  What a waste they never did any in 'scope and stereo!

                  -horizontal subject, moving subject...

                  However, back in the days of commercial 8mm Railroad film production, sound all on its own was kind of a novelty. It's only when VCRs started to show up that sound really grew on these films. I have at least two of the later ones they actually dubbed from on-site recordings of the same trains.


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                    Is Dorun films replacing Dave films which seems to have gone very quiet?


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                      I got a message confirming my email was added! Looking forward to new announcements!

                      Just a thought however: While yes I can play stereo sound in my home - there was a time when I did not have such technology. So Lee, do not forget there are a lot of mono machines out there being used today. Mono choices will be a good source for more sales. I personally, if given the restriction, would NOT buy a stereo film if I couldn't play both tracks.........


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                        Derann did at one time say that their stereo releases were mono-companionable. I assume this was because they were from Dolby Stereo analogue masters where the dialogue was on both tracks and the surround was also (but lower and out of phase), so all you would lose was some of the effects and the music mix would have been different.


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                          I think Ged also said their mono sales (which were cheaper) were higher than their stereo sales when they offered both versions. Today though it would make sense just to offer the stereo soundtrack only.

                          Graham S


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                            Originally posted by Phil Moors View Post
                            Is Dorun films replacing Dave films which seems to have gone very quiet?
                            I don’t think so, that’s something different, just starting with a „D“ at the beginning.


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                              Well spotted Joachim :-)

                              We are lucky in this day and age to have Reel Image, Classic and the Monster Man making new films available so the variety of material is getting broader by the month thanks to collectors placing orders and supporting the dedicated efforts of those who make it actually happen.

                              May take a bit of time but watch this space and please register for updates.
                              Keep well and God bless..