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Did you ever heard about „Supereighters“?

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  • Did you ever heard about „Supereighters“?

    Since 2019, Aser Queipo has been publishing the Super 8 fanzine "Supereighters" in collaboration with Andreas Chmielewski. Off2 asked the two about the background to their involvement.
    You can find the interview with Aser Queipo (and the accompanying new video with English subtitles) at:

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    This is the first I've heard about it. Thank you for your interview.

    The magazine looks terrific, with a very nice layout. Congratulations to Aser & Andreas on such a great job. I'm sorry I missed the chance to support an English version.


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      The Magazins are outstanding and full of great informations!


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        Joachim - I do understand that the cost of also making an English version would be very expensive, but I think you are missing out on the largest market of super 8. Just remember, an English version would also cover the USA as well as the UK, and also those with English as a second language in those countries that do not have a translation.

        I agree... 3% is very low. That was for the FIRST copy with no advanced publicity. This topic on this forum is probably the biggest piece of English language promotion of the magazine you have done. I am fairly sure you would get a lot more people buying an English version with a little more publicity and details on how to purchase.

        Just above this message, Douglas Meltzer says this is the first he has heard of it. As you know, Douglas, in the USA, is one of the administrators of this forum (probably the biggest super 8 forum in the world)(certainly the best) so is also a very popular and well known person in the super 8 world.
        If HE didn't know about your magazine, then you have a problem.

        I know it would be a financial risk at first, but I think an English version is what you should be aiming for.

        Good luck.

        (Joachim - I know I am addressing this message to you, as you started the topic, but really this should be addressed to Aser and Andreas..... once it has been translated!!!)


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          Melvin, I do agree with you 100%+ There is a huge lack concerning advertising.

          Two months ago I asked two possible reseller, one in the US and one in the UK what they are thinking about. If this would be something interesting to resell. Both got a free sample issue. The one in the US is not uninterested, maybe something might happen here, the one in the UK responded that it would NOT be interesting for the English speaking market since this is about the German distributors, nobody would buy it. I still cannot understand this position. But, well…

          shipping is very expensive, but if a reseller would buy e.g. 20 magazines, he could pass the extra costs trough.

          I would like to see it becoming well noticed in the US/UK collector community, and everywhere else with English language skills. It’s worth it….