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  • BFCC 2023 venue wanted

    I’ve just had a chat with John Clancy who’s is very keen to get the next full BFCC booked up for potentially April 2023, he will be contacting Ealing Town Hall and the school but wants to know if anyone here has any sensible suggestions as to a suitable affordable venue located nearby or even outside of London?

    I look forward to hearing your suggestions here.

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    How about Henley on Thames for a venue? A beautiful little town with stunning riverside scenery and far from the congestion of west London. Plenty of B&B's and hotels, and maybe the
    superb Rowing Museum would provide a large room, and advertise it as a special event


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      ..........and just 30 miles west of central London with a rail connection.


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        The Village Hotel Watford is very nice easy to get to and if its similar to the one at Blackpool will have decent function rooms. Might be worth sending a mail Mark. On the outskirts of London just off the M1 I would try and keep it out of central London.
        If you need a pair of hands happy to help.


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          I think John wants somewhere in or near Ealing so that Kieth can join in in some way though.