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Hand Spooled Standard 8 (D8) film

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  • Hand Spooled Standard 8 (D8) film

    As I did not find at the time of purchase any R100 Standard 8 roll in 10m had to go to the Bolex H8 type (so Standard 8 as well but in 100 ft -30,5m roll), .
    As I have some empty camera spools will have to hand spool in 3 rolls in complete darkness (no problem).
    My doubt is, do Foma R100 100ft-30,5m contain exactly 30,5m?
    I say that because my table makes exactly 150 cm, so in 6 tables+15 additional cm -that would be marked with tape) I would fill a spool.
    And that x3 would mean I could have my 3 spools. But would not like to run out of film in one of them or a big surplus in another one.
    If in theory the 10m spools contain a little more than 10m (don't know exactly as I had never used them before), guess the 15 additional cm would pose no problems like jamming.
    If not, then I'll hand spool 4 spools with 7,5 m (25 feet) each one.But when foma manages to squeeze 10m in a 7,5 m spool means the film itself is thinner.
    Could somebody confirm that?
    Best regards

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    What is normally considered 25ft rolls of R-8mm film actually holds about 33ft of film. The extra footage is leader meant to protect the images shot on the film from stray light when loading and unloading. Kodak engineered this from the start and it remains good process. So one gets 3 rolls on the small spools from a 100ft roll of R-8mm film. To create 4 rolls of 25ft length actually reduces the overall amount of usable footage. False economy in my book, but your mileage may vary. Some load and unload in a darkroom or changing bag as a way to overcome this. Good luck and happy filming.


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      Dear Mr. Leugers,
      Tried today and learned the hard way. I say that because 1st I tried to squeeze around 10m (33ft) in every spool, but....can't say why but (in complete darkness) never, ever felt the film end so so close, almost in line with the spool edge, so would not have protected film from even subdued light when loading and unloading camera.
      So loaded each spool with exactly 25 ft (around 7,5m), and the diameter of spooled film was almost the same as with my old kahl film bought from widescreen centre in London in the 90s,
      So, what was I able to spool in the end? 3 full spools of 25 ft each, but there was no 4th full spool, just half of it, and that gives a grand total of around 87 something feet or 26,3 m, so the H8 type spool did not contain 30,5m/100 ft, but a little bit less.
      Best regards
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