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    Back in the 70’s the first film I screened was Columbia’s 4 x 200’ cutdown of 1974’s The Golden Voyage of Sinbad which I has rented from Plymouth Home Movies. Great times. I have 3 parts of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, 2 parts of the Golden Voyage of Sinbad but never got the parts for Jason and the Argonauts. Mysterious Island I also never acquired was released as a 400’. Click image for larger version

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    sadly these extracts have faded.

    Does anyone know if Columbia issued these on low fade stock, I think this is unlikely but would be worth looking

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    All the cutdowns print wise are likely to be pink or faded. If you obtain one that hasn't turned you are really lucky. No low fade stock I’m afraid. Derann’s Jason feature was a gorgeous print.



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      I've seen some low fade prints of Jason before I got my 16mm print. Also there are low fade prints of Mysterious Island. But I'm sure are very rare and whoever has them holds onto them. There are actually 2 cut down versions of Golden Voyage. I have not seen low fade prints of that or 7th Voyage.


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        You might want to look to France or otherwise, as, while I could only find "Warlords Of Atlantis" on fading Kodak SP, I found that "Film Office" of France, released 4X200 digests of this film on Agfa, and the color is glorious. Yes, it's about 34 minutes and shorter than the Ivers 4X400, but it looks MUCH better, so check elsewhere.


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          I've seen a few prints of the Piccolo 400' cutdown of Golden Voyage that still have very nice color. Some of the UK prints of the Columbia four parter also have decent color but there is an awful lot of grain in those prints.

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            Thanks Mike, Larry, Osi and Doug for your feedback, very informative.