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How to/Should I tighten Argus Showmaster 500A pressure plate

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  • How to/Should I tighten Argus Showmaster 500A pressure plate

    I'm incredibly new to film and film projection and was just gifted a Argus Showmaster 500A. My initial problem was that whenever I moved the reframing lever down to center the image the projection would start jumping around and I would even see double frames. I discovered if I manually put pressure on the pressure plate in front of the gate with my finger it would kind of fix the problem. I've thought about getting film lubricant but Im leaving that as a last option since it isn't the cheapest thing. I also considered the intermittent sprocket but have no idea where to begin diagnosing that. To reiterate, it looks and sounds completely fine when the reframing lever is in the full up position (but that cuts off the top of the frame by about a third). Any help is massively appreciated, Thanks!

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    First of all, I say that I have never seen this projector, but from your comments I was wondering if the pressure plate is secured by a spring which may not be giving sufficient pressure against the film.

    I found the following which I hope might help. You may care to read the instructions about the pressure plate. It refers to the correct placing of the spring.

    ARGUS SHOWMASTER 500-AZ 8MM PROJECTOR | Instruction Manual, … | Flickr


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      Hi Maurice,
      Thank you so much for your trouble! Yes it is held down by a spring but it doesn't appear to be removable in any easy way so I'm not sure how I would go about increasing its tension. I'll do a little more research in that regard.