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Elmo gs1200 problem

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  • Elmo gs1200 problem

    Hello all - Having a problem... this weekend the backup take up reel on my beloved GS1200 stopped moving. I opened up the arm and the belt looks ok. The spindle moves without the reel on it - but as soon as you put the reel on it stops... Opened up the back (I only have beginner's knowledge of the mechanical inner workings). and it looks like you can't really access the back arm mechanism easily. Not sure what to do so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Brian

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    Here is a link to the Service Manual.
    GS1200SERVICE.pdf (
    Part 4 on page 60 may help you - "Take-up & Rewind Section".


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      Hi Brian

      If the gears are ok it might need this treatment, those motors get tired after years of use, If I remember right the Elmo manual does state somewhere that by changing the voltage tapping to increase by 1volt gives the motor more torque. However I would give both motors a good clean first.

      Here is a link to a you-tube video I put up a few years back. I should add that since doing those motors years ago, I have not had any problems with them. One thing to remember though, is that I found, if one of those two motors is faulty that can effect the other as well, so its best to clean them both at the same time.

      Best of luck


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        Brian-The little gear that is attached to the motor might have cracked. To get to the motor you will have to unscrew the transformer but not remove it and gently lay it so you can get to the motor screws. It would benefit you to purchase an electrical screw driver with a magnetic tip. This will prevent the screws from dropping into the machine. Once you unscrew the motor look at the little gear. Here is the part at Van Eck:

        Let us know how you do.


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          Sooooo tried too clean the motor this weekend. Got the back open and had access to the takeup reel motor - gave it a good blast of compressed air and some Qtip cleaning... but didn't do anything to solve the problem. Still hardly moves and stops when the reel is put on the spindle. Not sure what to do... ugh... who is everyone using for Elmo repairs on the East Coast these days - I thought Leon Norris had retired and wasn't sure who is taking that role over. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Brian


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            Brian-Did you look at the gears in the motor housing to see if any were cracked?


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              Larry - Oops forgot to check the gears - got a little frustrated - will try to check that soon and get back to you... Brian