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Eumig S 802 Sound Issue

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  • Eumig S 802 Sound Issue

    I recently bought a eumig super 8 sound projector, and after watching several films the audio began to go out. It happens randomly and sometimes the sound will come back for a little while, but I'd like to know what the underlying issue might be. Since this is my first sound projector for the format I do not know much about these machines, so any information on how to fix such a problem would be very useful. Thanks!

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    You may want to start by pushing the red recording switch repeatedly with the machine off. There may be oxide on the contacts that this switch controls causing the sound to suddenly drop out. It's actually a common problem. Also check those two brass springs on the inside of the rear cover that connect the speaker to the amplifier and clean them. Start there and see if things don't improve.