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The most underrated super 8 projector I think.

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  • The most underrated super 8 projector I think.

    While visiting another local street sale yesterday, lightning did strike twice for me. About three weeks ago I picked up a brand new Sankyo 702, this week sitting on the curb is a Sankyo 800 stereo.
    I was a bit taken back when I asked the price, but after handing over the money the seller was quite happy to brag to his mate across the road that he had just sold this pile of junk to me for 5€.
    On the way back to the car I decided to have a look to see what lens is on this machine, as I removed the lens cap I nearly dropped the projector, to find it is fitted with the optional Hi pro 1.0 lens.
    After getting it home and giving it a good clean up I ran a test reel through it. First of all the projector runs so smooth and quiet with a very steady picture. but most of all I have never heard super 8 sound so good. So much so I went and pulled out all of my other machines, and ran the same reel through each one after each other. Beaulieu 708 , Elmo GS1200 and Eumig 940 The Sankyo 800 wins hands down.
    Not only does it have very good wow and flutter but the overall clarity of the sound is extraordinary, even with the bass turned to full the sound doesn't become muffled like all of the others, but delivers a full range of sound like no other machine.
    It's funny looking back to the early 80s, and standing outside camera shop windows trying to think how it could be possible to raise the money to purchase one of these beasts, ( i'm sure i'm not alone with this ).
    It's only as the years pass by and these projectors that we dreamt of come our way, that it allows us to compare them side by side, I do believe now that Sankyo got delivered the short straw and was so underrated. I only remember having Eumig's and Elmo's being pushed on me, but never Sankyo's which is a great shame.
    I will put this one in my collection up there with the GS 1200 or maybe above it, as it surely deserves it.

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    Congratulations - what a great find. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be keen to accompany you to any forthcoming street sales! You've certainly made a great case for seeking out the Sankyo 800 Stereo, as the instant sound upgrade makes me wonder what they were doing so well that their competitors couldn't manage. It would be interesting to know if you're similarly impressed when showing a stereo film.

    It sounds astonishing that any seller would brag about getting 5€ for such an item, even if they know nothing about projectors. As even 50€ would be a bargain, you didn't by any chance leave out a 0!


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      Sounds like a really great buy!

      My only Sankyo was my first S8 camera: it was a good one, too: metal bodied, nice controls: I got some really nice footage over the years from it.

      I can't help but believe a lot of really great machines have gone in the dumpster because people cleaning out a house thought "Nobody uses these anymore.".
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        The Sankyo’s are great machines. Particularly the 800s real workhorses, reliable , gentle on Film easy to clean and maintain, 150 watt lamp and as you say stereo better sound reproduction and not as temperamental as Elmos and others.


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          Could someone please put up some photos of this projector?


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            I have always said that this hobby throws up some totally amazing unexpected moments and this was certainly one of them. I too have managed to bag projectors at silly prices (this time to my advantage) and several film titles that I never dreamt I would ever own. It's part of the fun of the hobby.

            Mon felicitations Steve!

            Sankyo underrated ?

            I'D SAY !


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              Here is the five euros worth of projector.


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                Looks a nice clean machine Steve. Well done on your find.


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                  I've only found well-used ones. You are very lucky. I love my 762. The amplifier is noisy, but it's fine mechanically. I recently bought a 502. Switches are filthy and very intermittent, but again, overall appears mechanically sound otherwise. But none of us are as good as we were 40+ years ago. We just need a little TLC


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                    So, that's like 7.50 U.S. dollars? What a deal!