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    A year ago I finally got one of my favorite features on Super-8: George Cukors „A Double Life“ starring an amazing Shelly Winters and with an outstanding Ronald Colman in the role of an actor, who becomes a little to much of his created „Othello“-character... Although it’s not one of the best used prints (a lot of disturbing spots are visible) it has a great contrast and works superbe on the big screen.
    SADLY this is a kind of cutdown print: especially in the first 65 minutes a lot of important scenes are missing. But they haven’t been cut from my print: it was printed this way. Although a lot of splices are there, too... The complete first meeting of Ronald Colman and Shelly Winters in the cafe has been cut and so it makes no sense when the clever hero and the policeman take the main character back there.
    MY QUESTION IS: is this „kind of cutdown“ (75 minutes/not 104 minutes) the only available print of this masterpiece or are there full features?
    Thank You for helping me.

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      I know you are asking about complete Super 8 prints--I do not have an answer for those. But there are 16mm prints of "A Double Life" that run the full 104 minutes--as listed in Kit Parker Films 1990 Catalog (page M-13 of the Master Index of Feature Films appendix portion).


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        That’s interesting... I also own a shorter „Spellbound“, but the box says „full feature“.
        Some titles seem to have different editions...
        I think if there would be a full feature of „A Double Life“ I would try to find a print