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Portable 8/S8 color processing machine for about $4,000.

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  • Portable 8/S8 color processing machine for about $4,000.

    came across this new product for processing color 8/s8 film from Germany. .

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    Very interesting video Thomas. The one thing I can’t quite understand is when the unexposed film is wound onto
    the spool how when treated with the chemicals all the faces of the reel of film get an adequate coating of the treatment
    to enable the whole film to be developed properly.

    Additionally, how the person carrying out the demonstration is not taking the precaution of wearing gloves when handling
    chemicals seems ridiculous to me.

    Many thanks for uploading the video.


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      It looks like a mechanised update of the old Lomo tank system but vertical rather than horizontal.


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        When he loads the film onto the spool this is not an ordinary reel. This is a spiral reel which with every turn leaves a gap between the film allowing for the chemicals to saturate the film evenly. Then when the cassette is placed into the water tank this is to hold constant temperature, as this is crucial to the process of E6 film.
        The cassette is motorized and rotates the reel continuously inside during the process, E6 processing is like on other film process, the film no matter what gauge must be kept rotated at all times not just sitting in a bath of chemicals. timing and temperature are absolutely paramount for it to work.
        I have been developing E6 film with a processor at home for over 30 years, and I don't think I have ever worn any gloves in all of the years, there's no real need as there is nothing to be concerned about the chemistry it just smells awful.