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hum in the transformer

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  • hum in the transformer

    greetings to all colleagues!
    I have not specified the brand/model of the projector because surely it can happen in all of them.
    The fact is that my Beaulieu 708el for a month began to make an electrical hum in the transformer when it takes a while (approx 45-60 minutes) of projection. The soft "electric hiss" is appreciated when it is turned on but not playing (for example when you have finished watching a movie).
    Can it be a warning / symptom that something bad is going to happen?‚Äč

    PS: I use the google translator, sorry if there are things that are not well understood!

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    Hi Arnau
    Providing your projector is running ok you have nothing to worry about. Transformers do hum it is normal, however you could check the fasteners holding the transformer down , if they are slightly loose the hum will be more pronounced. I am sure other members will add more information to your post.


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      Thanks John