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  • The new film stock ...

    I have recently received my new feature from Steve, which is on the same film stock as my other two recent digest purchases, and I have to say that I am quite impressed. Grain tends to be very fine to nearly non- existent, and sharpness is really REALLY way up there! Now, a lot of that can come down to how good the negative source is, but then, we come to the color saturation on these prints on this new film stock these days. I used to own a previous print of the feature that I bought, and I remember the color on that earlier acetate print, and yes, the previous print was acetate, bit I would swear that the colors are saturated to such a point that they are almost beyond being real, almost like looking at a Technicolor print. One thing that I was never awed inspired by, except with some Derann prints, was the color saturation of yesteryears prints, during super 8's heyday, but comparing the color of yesteryears and today's new film stock, I really do believe that today's stock is certainly an improvement.