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Bauer t600 connections

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  • Bauer t600 connections

    Hello guys

    Does anyone know which if any of these outputs can go to a phono speakers I mean does any of these sockets output sound and in stereo?
    I know i could use the left and right speakers sockets but my speakers have phono sockets
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    Hi Tony,

    The two terminal one on the left of your picture (under "2") is an external speaker connection. Quite often these have a cutoff so when you plug in the internal speaker is silenced: this is there to prevent overheating the amplifier. You would need to use a speaker having at least as many ohms as your internal one.

    I'm guessing there is a second external speaker connection even further to the left. (Maybe marked "1"?)

    Sometimes you can find commercially made cables that are exactly what you need, other times you need to buy the pieces and do some soldering. (It's all part of the fun!...if that's your thing...)

    One of those other DIN jacks almost certainly outputs line level audio for connection to an amplifier, but I can't interpret their hieroglyphics!
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      thanks steve, i bought the connectors and will solder them onto speaker cables, thanks


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        Life is better when you can solder! (-at least, MY life has been better since I learned!)

        From what I am seeing, this machine expects 4 Ohm speakers. 8 Ohms won't damage the amplifier, but you wouidn't get as much audio power out if you wanted to crank it and rattle the china closet.

        I like to connect to an external amplifier with multiple speakers, but that is almost a hobby unto itself.

        BTW: the standard is for the broad pin to receive signal return and the thin one signal Hot. In many cases this makes no difference, but it can cause grief sometimes, so it's good to respect it.


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          Left to right:
          external speaker 1 (left, at the T610, it‘s 30W, 4-5 Ohm)
          external speaker 2 (right, at the T610, it‘s 30W, 4-5 Ohm)
          triangle = remote start socket (to start tape recorders in sync with the projector)
          line in/out (at the T610, the out has 1.5W, 10kOhm, the in has 4mV, 40kOhm)
          Phono/Tape in (for direct connection without amplifier - at the T610, this has 100mV, 1MOhm)
          Microphone in (at the T610, this has 0.3mV, 2000Ohm)
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            Connectors at the line in/out of the T610 (I guess that the T610 doesn’t differ from your T600 in this aspect)
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              thanks everyone all very helpful answers