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Elmo ST-1200 problems

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  • Elmo ST-1200 problems


    I hope everyone is staying safe during the pandemic.

    I’m writing today because I recently bought an ST-1200 Super 8 projector. My problems stem from the take up reels not working. I opened it up and the two motor belts were black goop. After removing and cleaning it, everything is removed.

    Does anyone know which belts I should buy to replace the old ones? Ebay seems to have a few different types of belts that says ST-1200 and I’m not sure which is which.

    Once I replace those belt should, I’m theory, this solve my problems with the take-up reels?

    Thank you all!


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    I'm no expert on the Elmo 1200 line, and it appears there are five different versions of this projector. Van Eck video services has info on all versions of the machine. Here's a link to the 1200 Magnetic. If this isn't your machine than you will see in this link there are models that you click into on the website. Van Eck sells the belts you need plus provides info on each machine.


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      To answer your other question, yes new belts would make the take-up reel work again. The belt or belts on any projector provide the link between the motor pulley to the internal workings. The motor provides the torque/power to the belt system which in turn causes the shutter, claw, sprockets, and reels to spin. No belts no movement.


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        If you are located in the states you can get them from Mark on Ebay. His belts are great and I have purchased so many of them from him I should have a business account with him!
        Now which set to get? First start with your model number. The ST1200 came in 3 models. The standard ST1200, ST1200D, and the last, the ST1200HD. He makes a few different sets. If you just got it you will want to change all the main belts meaning the 3 belt set. That consists of the Large motor belt, small motor belt, and the Upper take up belt. The first 2 are for running the motor at 18, and 24ps, and the last belt is for the take up and rewind gears. There is a 4 belt set that has all the above plus the tiny belt for the frame counter. Not really needed but you do want to make sure to clean that area up as that black goo can get on your prints! Then a 5 belt set which includes a shutter belt that goes around the shutter on some of the ST1200 models. Also not really needed if they have melted because its really hard to get them back on there and they need to be glued in. Without the shutter belt the machine may run a little bit rougher and louder, and maybe the speed will be a little off but you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference in pitch unless your a musician or someone with a keen ear. Ok! Have fun with those belts!


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          Also the Large motor belt and the small motor belt are easy to get on. The Upper take up belt is a little tricky and you have to remove one of the gears for the take up reel in order to do it. When you take off that gear make sure to note the position of the gear in relation to the other gears. The distance between them must remain the same when you put the gear back. If you don't the machine will have problems in rewinding. I just went through this a month ago. The machine is easy to work on, relatively, but it takes a little bit to see what goes where and how they are all related. But that machine is a favorite of mine..I kept one that is always in rotation.


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            Thank you all for being so helpful! You’ve given me some very useful information.


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              I agree with everything said here. Would like to add about belts. Some are round, others are square. I understand that the earlier models took round belts. The later models took the square also known as poly-V belts. I am not sure if they are compatible. So do make certain, by make, model and serial number, that you do get the proper ones.