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  • My Next Tower Project

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MARCH112023 008.jpg Views:	0 Size:	75.5 KB ID:	76430
    AV CART FROM THE 1980'S CLASSROOMS please scroll down for more pictures

    I’m getting ready to show some outdoor movies in my backyard. The screen will be built soon and more pictures to follow to this thread. I am using older amplifiers that once drove my basement theater in Massachusetts. It’s great to know all of this gear is still in good condition – that it can be trusted to be used.

    This project was actually started back in early December. Problems with the screen had to be addressed. It required a meeting with the board of selectmen – people who manage the community where I live. The meeting went well and my project was approved.

    The booth inside the house was the easy part. Testing through January was a success.

    I wanted to use simple tripod stands from my days of photography. They held background paper the models stood in front of when shooting indoor studio lighting. These stands were a challenge for holding a heavy screen.

    Add to that the backyard faces the West. Unfortunately the winds coming that direction heading east were problematic for the stands.

    But now I have the OK from the board to build a screen with studs in the ground that hopefully will do the job under most conditions. The screen build should be next week (March 15) and if successful a few nights of alignment and film dress rehearsals I hope to have my first audience by the 18th or thereafter.

    Thanks for reading this far. Your comments are always appreciated!

    Stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks! This just might turn out to be the very first golf cart drive in theater! As things progress – including other challenges when they occur – I will be updating here…..

    Kind Regards to everyone….

    Highpoint 55+ Golf Community
    Somewhere in Floriduh….

    The B&H projector can be used as a take up motor. It is perfectly suited for this job. It handles up to 2000' capacity. At 18 frames per second for 16mm silent speed - it's just a little faster than 24 frames per second of super 8. The take up belt system provides the flexibility required. One note of caution however. The spindle for the reel requires a brass adapter that is slightly longer than a normal adapter. You can slip a locking collar on to the end which will hold the reel on tight. Otherwise without it - the reel falls off. The locking collar can be found at most hardware stores and is set with a Allen nut. This nut can be changed to a small 1/4 x 20 threaded screw bolt with a phillips head. Much easier with the screwdriver than an Allen wrench.

    The Tower is designed for the take up arm on the Elmo to be clicked in position when running 400 foot reels. In this manner the lower take up machine is not used.

    The middle shelf will hold an audio video selector. Used for audio only, both outputs (2 pin din external speaker and mini plug aux out) can be connected to the selector. The output of the selector will go to your input on a Dolby unit or standard 1980's receiver. With this selector you can easily switch between mono shorts attached to a stereo feature. Just push buttons instead of swapping cables. The selector in the photo is the JVC - S300 and can be found on Ebay for under $100.00. This device was new in the mid to late 80's. It comes with a remote but if not included on the Ebay sale it can easily be used with push buttons on the front panel.

    These pictures were not posted in proper order and I apologize for the error. The first picture starts with the AV cart as shown. The next should be the rear studs added, followed by the upper walls leading to assembly complete.

    Comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading if you stayed with it!

    Last edited by Chip Gelmini; March 11, 2023, 06:01 PM.

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      Hi Chip,

      I am also a believer in old-school AV carts. I have two, I generally use one for 16mm and one for Super 8. It is convenient to roll one out of the way when switching film gauges during an evening of film. I bought mine via a surplus auction for maybe $25-$30 each. These are still around to find too.


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        Nicely designed! I look forward to seeing what you do with the screen.


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          Looks like Chip is getting close to completing his outdoor cinema. Just a matter of time before he approaches his home owners association for permission to put up an outdoor neon sign!😃


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            Hey Paul do you want to design it?



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              Actually Chip I found out on the internet that their are companies that do custom neon signs at very reasonable prices, and you can design them yourself with online software, which would be a lot of fun. So the idea that a CGC Drive In Sign might pop up in Brooksville in the future may not be that far fetched!😊