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  • Halinavision cine 8

    Complete newbie to cine 8.

    Please could someone advise me on this item. I do not know anything about it at all.

    I tried to research it and did not find anything like it.

    It says Halinavision on the lid and on the rear says it is made in Hong Kong.

    What age is it?

    Is it common?

    Is it useful and wanted?

    Does it have a value?

    I do not have a use for it myself and I am looking to move it on to someone who does.

    I live in the UK.

    I hope I have not broken any rules by asking these questions as I do not want to offend anyone.

    I am grateful for any help ? advice you good people can offer.

    Halinavision fully working cine 8 player.

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    Hi David. It is basically a film viewing device for showing home movies on a tv like screen instead of using a projector. I do not know if it was for Super or standard 8 film or could be used as an editor. Editors are similar in so far as you can view the image on a small screen. I should think the Halina could be used for this purpose. Ken Finch.


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      Also Halina were a Hong Kong company and produced the first non-kodak super 8 camera. not zoom lensed (15mm?), rotating disc with aperture changes in i stop intervals, but metal and did the job OK.


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        The above link would not work for me so once I found it on YouTube, I'm going to paste the link that I had for others to use

        That's a very cool item. Never saw one of those would be fun to have one in working condition. Thank you for sharing.


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          Hi David,
          I think the initial idea for them was to be used for promotional advertising, in car showrooms, department stores ect. I do believe there was an endless loop adaptor for them, so they could run all day without needing to be rethreaded.
          Kodak made a carousel unit similar to this for the same purpose, that also included a compact cassette player.
          Interesting to see your machine running, as I have only seen the briefcase type ones before. These were designed for traveling salespersons to demonstrate products.
          Thank you


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            Thank you all for your informative answers.

            Do you think it has any value beyond being a novelty?

            I have no use for it myself so am looking to move it on to someone who will use it.


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              Here are some details for anyone interested.
              Super 8 Database, Projectors Haline (


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                I might be interested does it run on 110? Can you change the voltage for American power outlets?