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CineSea 26 is one month away!

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  • CineSea 26 is one month away!

    Time really got away from me this....time.

    The memorable 25th show feels like it just happened, but that was actually 6 months ago. The latest edition is coming up quickly, running from April 20-23 in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey.

    Here's what I wrote for #25: For those unfamiliar with the show, CineSea is more of an intimate gathering than a convention. It's a group of people getting together to share their love of film.​ The days and nights are spent watching, buying, selling, trading film and film equipment in gauges from 8mm to 35mm. For me, the best part is hanging out and talking about film with fellow collectors, along with going out for as many group breakfasts and dinners as possible.

    Our schedule is as follows:

    •Thursday Night Theme•

    The Thursday Night show, newly the official start to CineSea, is a screening of short films brought by attendees that fall under a particular genre. Last time it was "movies about movies” and people did a great job of coming up with prints that I never knew existed. This time around the theme will be…..Animation! If you're coming, please bring your favorites (with a run time of 25 minutes or less) including cartoons (cel animation), stop-motion, claymation, rotoscope, 2D & 3D animation and just for fun, Supermarionation. Yes, Thunderbirds are go!

    •Friday Double Feature•

    We started our Friday Night Feature back in 2015. People nominate prized titles from their collections and the highest vote-getter gets screened on Friday night. The second place film is shown on Friday afternoon. ​If you'll be attending and you've got a feature you'd like to share, let me know!

    •Saturday Part One: Dealer Day!

    The Saturday show starts at 10 AM and many, many projectors will be running non-stop and many, many films will trade hands right up to the dinner break. Dealer tables are available for $30 each and there are only a few left. To reserve a table you can email/PM me or Lou Franchetti.​

    •Saturday Part Two: Evening Screenings

    After the dinner break, we start the incredible Saturday night screening, where people bring films that they'd like to share (with a running time of 20 minutes or less) in Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm or 35mm. The assortment of films is mind boggling. In the past the screenings have run as late (early?) as 2 AM.


    We start packing up early on Sunday, however from 10:00 AM - Noon, folks have a last chance to check out the dealer tables!​​

    Let’s not forget the “Sea” in CineSea. A big part of what makes this get-together so enjoyable is the location.​ If you get an attack of film overload(!), there's a beautiful beach just a block away and you can always check out the famed Wildwood Boardwalk.

    CineSea was started in 2009 by John Black & Shorty Caruso because they felt that the film collector deserved an affordable show (Admission is free) to both promote camaraderie and keep this hobby going. If you can join us (and we all hope you can), hotel information can be found here.

    What more can I say, but "Viva Film!"

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    Sounds really good Doug, all that and admission is free! I like the idea of people bringing their films in to be screened for all.
    Fantastic. I would love to attend, but it’s too far for me. I expect it will be well attended.


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      Thanks! We also screen new releases and put together special reels just for the show, but it is exciting to see the films that people bring to share with everyone. A typical hour can include an Edgar Kennedy short, a railroad film, Clint Eastwood trailers, Count Yorga returning and a dazzling musical sequence from a Bollywood feature!


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        Sounds good Doug, glad to see you have included a railroad film It will be interesting to also see what you show in the way of "animation", certainly something from one of Derann stunning color prints, of a "Silly Symphony" eg is a must, not trying to tell you good folk what to show


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          I was actually thinking of doing the 4:30AM departure and getting there for Friday breakfast, but when I heard the Thursday Night Theme was Animation, I decided to add that night back!


          I have a 16mm Disney "The Brave Engineer"1: not only animated, but a railroad film as well!

          1) A part of me hoped this was about an electronics guy that worked with high voltage!


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            Look forward to seeing some photos later of your coming event.
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              The submissions for CineSea 26's Friday Night/Matinee Features are in. There are a record number 13 titles to pick from!

              AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS – 1956 (16mm Scope, LPP)

              THE BEACH BOYS: AN AMERICAN BAND – 1985 (35mm Flat, Color)

              FIELD OF DREAMS – 1989 (16mm LPP, Flat)

              FIRST BLOOD – 1982 (16mm Flat, LPP)

              GHOST SHIP – 2002 (35mm Scope, Color)

              MAVERICK – 1994 (16mm Flat, LPP)

              NIGHT SHIFT – 1982 (16mm Flat, Color)

              THE PINK PANTHER - 1963 (16mm Scope, IB Tech)

              RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II – 1985 (16mm Flat, LPP)

              ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT – 1986 (16mm Flat, LPP)

              SAFETY LAST – 1923 (Super 8mm Flat, B&W)

              STAR WARS: EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES – 2002 (35mm Scope, LPP)

              TOY STORY – 1995 (Super 8mm Flat, Color)

              That’s quite a group!

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                Posts about filmmakers working in Super 8mm have been moved to a new thread.


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                  CineSea 26 is one month away!

                  <Inspector Clouseau> "Not any mur " </Inspector Clouseau>

                  It's closer than that!!!


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                    Very true, CineSea is now 10 days away! It looks like we might have to have a runoff between the three top vote-getters.


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                      A runoff it is! These are the three that have battled their way to the celluloid summit:

                      FIRST BLOOD – 1982 (16mm Flat, LPP)​

                      NIGHT SHIFT – 1982 (16mm Flat, Color)

                      THE PINK PANTHER - 1963 (16mm Scope, IB Tech)

                      Click image for larger version

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                        From 13 titles to 2.

                        In less than a week, the Friday Night Feature will be Night Shift. The Friday Matinee will be The Pink Panther. I haven't seen either in a long while, so I'm looking forward to both of the screenings.


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                          If I am being impatient, I apologies. It is probably over enthusiasm, but it is now 2 days since this wonderful event finished.......... and not a single photograph on this forum yet to see what us Brits (and the rest of the world) have missed!


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                            No worries, Melvin!

                            -sometimes these things need to marinate a few days!


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                              I guess you are right, Steve.

                              I also keep forgetting that with the size of your country, some people may not even have got home yet !