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Square Hole on 8mm 50’ reel

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  • Square Hole on 8mm 50’ reel

    Hi Everyone! Newbie here.
    Does anyone have info on square hole and when they were used? Also, when did plastic reels make an entrance into film?

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    Hi Patrick,

    Square holes were (-and are) used on 16mm.

    You might find out this wasn't originally meant for film at all. There is a type of electronic component that has no wire leads and is meant to be soldered directly to the surface of a printed circuit board. Years ago I worked with the people that ran the soldering systems and noticed many of these parts came on 8 or 16mm reels. (Nobody but me found this at all interesting!)

    -maybe these are meant for something more along these lines and somebody grabbed a bunch of empty ones headed for the dumpster and repurposed them.

    I've never seen an 8mm film system with square holes, but then again I don't claim to have seen everything either.


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      Thanks for responding Steve!
      I appreciate it. These 50’ “Glamour Films” are in pristine boxes and run well… once I switched out the reels while cleaning them.
      I know back in the day, these film companies would offer you a “projector” for like $5. They were plastic and ran on D batteries. Lol
      i was wondering if they had their own format for reels to work with their projector. It would likely make you a return customer if you already invested the fin and a couple of batteries. Lol


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        I have also never seen such a square hole for any 8mm-format. Back in the days, there also have been „jukeboxes“ for 8mm- and 16mm-films. One of them, a „Scopitone“, can be seen here:
        I wonder if some of them used such non-standard reels?

        As for plastic reels: I have seen plastic reels for Regular8 from the early 1960s. Not sure whether there already have been plastic reels in the 1950s (or earlier).


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          I remember threads about the "Extend-a-reel" system : 8mm Forum: Racine Films - Extend-A-Reel ( Forum: Does this reel fit on ST-1200? ( Forum: Hybrid Super 8mm/16mm Reel? (​ There must be at least another discussion about those spools as I participated to that thread (since I have some spools like that) but I didn't find it back.


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            No doubt the original prints for the saucy films came from the labs on large spools. or cores, holding dozens of copies, and had to be reduced to single short prints, so I would suggest that these small spools were designed to work on conventional round spindle (spools held on with wing nuts) rewinders and as such, were ultimately used in the little hand-held projectors.
            Only a thought.


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              Hello Good People!
              here’s something I ran across today. Same looking film box as the “square reel” films. Although, they were plastic and more rectangular than square.
              This one is square… and metal. I love the set of “teeth” to hold the film on rewind. Brilliant!
              Anyone have a clue on this? The year?
              Never seen anything like it.