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Ben hur from 1927

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  • Ben hur from 1927

    Are any of you familiar with this film on super 8? I just scored a copy on Ebay and it's on the way. I have a scope copy of Derann's version with C. Heston so this should be interesting to own. I am expecting 4 x 800 foot reels.

    How rare is this 1927 copy?

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    Hopefully it's Ben Hur from 1925 Chip! I wouldn't mind a copy myself, but I've not seen it for sale here in the UK, so probably quite uncommon this side of the Atlantic. Don't know how common it is in your part of the world.

    Perry's Movies here in the UK released the trailer on Super 8, and also Kalem's 1907 version.

    Does your version have a soundtrack or is it silent? It was re-released in 1930-ish with a music and effects score I believe. The best score for it is the Carl Davis one, composed in the 1990s. It used some of that 1930 score I believe.


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      I have a standard/regular 8 version of this film. I put it on a 900m/2950 ft spool (Van Eck - film reel super8 - 900m - 3000ft - 42 cm diameter (SF-0418) - Van Eck Video Services (​


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        The Kalem version was withdrawn quickly following a lawsuit, 1907...I was looking for a scarce print, finally landed one...Shorty


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          Thank you gentlemen for the replies I don't know if there's music on it or not. I don't even know if there's a physical magnetic track on it. I'll have to wait until it gets here to see.

          I do believe it is from 1925


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            The print arrived no mag track

            Found a version on YouTube downloaded and made dvd to sync up. Fun to try worked ok I'm happy.......


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              The 20's version of Ben Hur has an incredible chariot race scene .... I thought it was better than the 50's color/wide screen version or even the modern one with cgi around 2016 .


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                It is or was available on a double dvd with the silent version and the Charlton Heston Version. I found it on Amazon a few years ago. It’s region 2 though. I believe the silent version was made in the 2 colour Technicolor. Ken Finch.


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                  I have just had a quick look at the dvd I mentioned. It is actually a 4 disc box set. One of the discs is the 1925 silent version. It is indeed the one restored by David Gill and Kevin Brownlow for Thames Silents with music composed and conducted by Carl Davis. Many of the scenes are tinted and the biblical sequences in the 2 colour Techicolor a s previously mentioned. I have never seen it advertised on narrow gauge film. Ken Finch😊


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                    " I was once in a two person stage play of Ben Hur, she played Ben ... and I played her! " ( Groucho Marx)