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  • Help with Chinon S8 camera

    I would like to shoot some Kodak 100D film in my Chinon 20PXL super 8 camera and have some questions. The camera manual states that the film speed is automatically set for the following film types;

    ASA 25,100 Daylight film
    ASA 40,160 Artificial light film
    ASA 160 Type-G film

    So is the new Kodak 100D film totally compatible with my camera , without any modification, and will it give correct exposure through the automatic exposure system?

    The second question is the light filter. There is a notch on the side of the camera to manually engage or disengage the the Type A light filter. I assume that the light filter should be disengaged for daylight filming?

    I have checked the camera out and it runs fine and the TTL exposure meter seems to be working. It reads slightly over f11 on a bright sunny day here in Florida with no film loaded. Does that sound about right?

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      I think you may have misinterpreted the instruction book.
      ASA 25/40
      ASA 100/160
      The two first figures (25 and 100) are for daylight filming with the filter engaged.
      The two second figures (40 and 160) are for tungsten lighting with the filter disengaged.
      Film speed was automatically set by a pin in the camera which engaged in one of the two notches on the cartridge.

      All Super 8 film in those "good old days" was for tungsten lighting, the filter being used to correct the colour balance.

      The camera may not accept your 100D film unless you can manually disengage the filter.

      However it's worth a test film, or you might be able use a ND filter. (This cuts down the light accepted through the lens.)



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        Just an FYI about the new Kodak Ektachrome color reversal film 100D. This film should meter OK in most cameras. However a few things I've noticed. It likes a lot of light and some times need a 1/2 to 1 stop wider aperture. When I first used a roll in 2018 it came back underexposed. On the next roll I used 1 stop open and it looked perfect. Also a ND filter is a must in sunny conditions, after all this a 100 asa film. I use a X4 ND filter and also apply the 1 stop open and results are amazing. The new film has good latitude, sharpness, and contrast. Probably the sharpest 100 speed film I've seen.


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          Thanks Maurice and Shane. So for 100D I have to slide the notch on the side of the camera to the artificial light setting i.e.filter out?
          Shane, any source for that X4-ND Filter to fit the Chinon?



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            Hi Paul yes you don't want the #85 orange filter in the film path. Ektachrome 100D is daylight balanced so the filter needs to be retracted. Also it appears your camera won't meter this film in the automatic setting. However you can compensate with the manual setting. what you can do is meter the scene with the auto set. Then flip to manual and open up 1 f-stop based on what the auto-meter reading is. So if the f-stop in auto is f-16 just open up to f-11. If you add the ND #4 filter you would apply the same formula and open one stop. If you just shoot in the auto-mode your camera will think your shooting 160 ASA. That would under-expose approximately 2/3 of a stop. But since the new Ektchrome likes light the 1 f-stop should give nice results. Adding the ND filter should give sharper results. I never like shooting with an F-stop of 16. That almost always gives less sharp images. A wider aperture will give nicer images on screen. For a filter I recommend anything from Hoyer. I'm not sure your lens diameter so you will have to look that up. Lot's of good Hoyer's online. Hope this info helps.