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My ELMO GS1200 is nearly 40!

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  • My ELMO GS1200 is nearly 40!

    Expect I'm not alone in keeping a record how old our projectors are that we have owned from new.
    This week my first Elmo GS1200 with be 40 years old and has given pretty reliable service over the years, both at home also out and about giving shows.
    As with all things mechanical/electric we need a bit of maintenance and it has seen a couple of new plastic guides, drive belt and a rewind gear but that's about it. Oh I also stripped down the F1 lens to clean it.

    Genuine ESC lamps for these turned into an issue oh 20 odd years ago so I switched to using 250 watt lamps and the extra strain has not proven an issue for what is probably within a tolerance for the transformer. I did measure the 250 up against the Elmo 200 watt ESC lamp and it equated to pretty much the same. Think I'll pop in the original Elmo lamp for its special birthday this week.

    Whatever projector you have big of small enjoy the show!

    GS1200 No 1

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    This is amazing Lee. 40 Years ago I was only 11 Years old and donĀ“t had a GS 1200 in use. But Today I have four of them in use all modified with long Arms and 250W Base Pin Halogen Lamp. I think this machines have a very long Lifetime.


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      Lee - The evidence that mine has celebrated its 40th can be seen on a sticker some electrical engineer has placed on the inside of the metal cover that protects the workings and bulb area. Needless to say it has not been in my possession for anywhere near that amount of time..... 6 years or so I guess.


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        Thanks guys yes I have a test stickers in mine as well.

        Anniversary show went off well although after my enthusiastic spout about this great gs1200 I opened the lamp house to clean the gate after the show and the mounting bracket snapped. I burst out laughing as it was like it was trying to tell me it wanted a break...literally and it got it!

        Just finished repairing it.

        Tom. Yes built to last perhaps but a teeny bit over engineered.


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          I Agree on it being over engineered, and slowly, I'm learning how to maintain the projector. They are a pain at times but when they are running properly, boy, it is a good machine. I know that I've railed on the ELMO's at times, but I can't deny the excellence of the machine.

          Now, if there was just less "metal' to this projector ... it's a good thing that i still work out. Sheesh, just getting this out is almost a work out! (hah!)

          For that matter, how much does the GS1200 weigh?


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            If I remember right, they top off at 35 Pounds.

            I've never had one, with the screen I have 100W and 150W machines do just fine. I didn't even see one until the first time I went to CineSea.

            I gave it a look, then I asked Doug: "Do you mind if I pick it up?".
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              very nice and a good testament of quality. btw whats the eumig sign behind the projector


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                Lee has no Projector Prejudices, yet he is a Eumig Man through and through!


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                  Yes 17Kg ouch and the Xenon even more. I used to regularly get asked to project S8 and film festivals back in el day and the Xenon was a real lift up flights of steps and eventually onto a projector stand...then back down again. Smashing projector and my last machine went purposely to someone younger who was enthusiastic now used at the Northern Film Collectors. It's nice to sit back and watch someone else using it to forward the Super 8 movement

                  The sign is of course Eumig of Austria which was my first sound machine. I'm probably not alone in the UK having the entire sound of projectors range in my collection and I rotate projectors in our home Kinema. Fuji, Elmo all sorts.


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                    I've genuinely come across a couple of situations in which GS owners have mentioned that the strain of trying to pick them up has been a major factor in their decision to sell them and switch to a lighter projector. That's not something I've heard said about any other projector. I appreciate the lower weight when I pick up my Eiki 16mm projectors, one of which is only about 14 kg (31lb).


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                      Best thing I have come up with this year is to make a permanent rostrum for the GS and the rest of the home cinema 4K digital setup. I have left room as you can see in front of the Elmo for other small projectors, Eumig, Fuji and of course the 9.5 sound Vox all of which are fully converted now making them very light weight. It is the most perfect setup I have ever had although the sacrifice was giving up my 35mm ex cinema Kinoton which wound up going back into a cinema so very comforting in a way to know it is enjoying the purpose it was originally made for once again.

                      At one point in my life I nearly secured a 70mm projector and talk about enthusiasm! That DP70 was beautiful but until I tried to lift it and I soon realised my enthusiasm for film had got the better of me. Even right down to Pathe DUPLEX 4.75mm widescreen format film is still a huge draw and enjoyable although Duplex does tend to curl with age.

                      Doesn't really matter how big, small unique your projector is just enjoy film its amazing..


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                        Lee, can you post some PICS of your 4.75mm Duplex equipment? I have always been fascinated by that concept.


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                          I'm sure I remember, at a Ten Best premiere, Tony Rose joked that John Wright would have to give up his GS1200 as lifting it might give him a stroke.


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                            The Duplex advertising always makes for interesting reading. Next time I dig the old girl out of the archive I'll pop some pictures up.

                            You will not see many of them working as may owners snapped the claws off when switching from regular 9-5 to WS. Pathescope also converted many back to 9.5 only of course. Interesting tho.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	LMduplex.jpg Views:	0 Size:	190.6 KB ID:	9273

                            The projected Widescreen picture is quite sharp as well.

                            Here's a Monaco Duplex machine which has been converted back to 9-5 only by looks of it.
                            Click image for larger version

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                              What are the "Toothless Sprockets" that they mention in the ad for the Monaco projector? Is'nt a toothless sprocket just a roller?

                              I have never understood the logic of Pathescope's aversion to using two sprockets on their projectors. So many of them relied on flapping rollers to do the job and none of them really succeeded, leaving a legacy of torn center sprocket holes.