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    Michael O' Regan i quite understand your point that manual threading of 8mm can be a bit too thin and fiddly for some or maybe even a majority of domestic users . However in the past i have worked with people who even found threading up 16mm and even 35mm a bit of a chore . LOL ! As for myself i have never found it a problem and in my experience as the more you manually thread a projector the faster and more proficient you become over time . Even now suffering as i do from arthritis in both my hands i have no problem with such a task . I have been manually lacing projectors since i was 12 years old and am fast approaching 70 . I still own and use my vintage Standard silent 8mm manual threading projectors such as Bolex M8 ( with improved light source ) , Eumig P8 , Bell and Howell - Gaumont 606 , Pentax P 80-1 also a 9.5mm Specto B and the infamous sound Pathescope Son 9.5mm and a 16mm Bell and Howell 636 projector again manual threaders .
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      I am with you all the way David. I have never been a professional projectionist, am 89, have been a 9.5 er since the age of 12, and have no trouble manually threading any of my projectors including 8mm. At my age most of us develop arthritis which can be quite a pain literally at times😊


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        Considering there age, they still seem to be the favorite projector to use at conventions, I myself have two, my main one has had most of the mods done to it, my spare has not, but I do keep an eye on those guides. My spare still has the three bladed shutter for 18fps home movies. The other with the two bladed is for 24fps only. The thing these days for anybody with a GS1200 is there weight, they are one heavy machine to move around. I have had a great run out of the GS1200 over the years, but as I mentioned before, you really need to be able to do some work on them yourself. At the time they came out and for the serious film maker of that time, the GS1200 must have seem to be the Rolls Royce of Super8 projectors, if you could afford buying it that is, with so many features to drool over.

        This is my spare


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          Graham the Elmo GS 1200 i once owned weighed more than my Fumeo 9119 machine and even some of my 16mm one's .