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Silent Night, Bloody Night

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  • Silent Night, Bloody Night

    Was this feature film ever released in any way, shape or form, on Super 8? Trailer, edited feature, digest or full feature? I ask, as, this quickly went out of copyright and was in the public domain, almost from the very beginning. For this kind of film (slasher), it's pretty good, with a decent cast.

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    I watched that on Youtube last week and enjoyed it! Would definitely be interested in knowing if it was ever released.


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      Yes! It had a lot of elements to it that were quite interesting. How the flashbacks were handled, the quick cutting (?) during the killings. The brutality of that first killing was really well done. You know it's coming but then it happens so quickly, with great editing. It also had some very above average music for the soundtrack. The very remorseful and dark instrumental of the actual song, "Silent Night", as well as the well done music for various parts of the film. It added a lot to the action. The dialogue was also, once again, above average for this kind of film. Top notch for an early entry in this genre.