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You Only Live Twice

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  • You Only Live Twice

    You Only Live Twice
    Scope Stereo

    Having enjoyed reading the other reviews of this 007 classic just wanted to add a short post on a new print today...

    Most of my reviews these days are more of a enthusiastic nature rather than intense scrutiny of the print as I feel we are very lucky to have the opportunity to buy new films and after all films were made to be seen.

    Been some time since we invested in a new 6 400ft reel feature but I ain't dead yet!
    As a short PS to what has been posted already our new print arrived and requested mute as I like to put down Stereo to 8 in my studio at work.

    The Scope is quite wonderful and sprawls across our scope screen. I have the bluray but this S8 print is so sharp and beautifully filmed it suits the real film look perfectly particularly the filming from above.

    When a stereo sound track is added it all springs to life with great imagination of the stereo image itself impacting the viewing experience no end.
    In short thank you Reel Image for a great addition to our home collection.

    This is a very good one to start saving for. Enjoy.

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    Sounds awesome Lee!!! Absolutely loved the Skyfall extract Steve released and you're right we're so lucky that there are still some dedicated film people around who invest their time, effort and money into bringing out new releases for us collectors to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas Trailer Reel 2 when it lands on my doorstep!


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      As Lee wrote, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE brings real movie feeling to Your home!
      Congratulations to Your print!


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        Lee, good review, but could you please put up some screenshots? It would help sell this print to folks who might be interested.